The Last of Us Show, Episode 4 High Ratings Despite Grammy
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Chapter 4 Of The Last Of Us Show High Ratings Despite Grammys

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BY February 7, 2023

Episode 3 of the HBO show The Last of Us was quite successful, garnering more than 6 million viewers. However, episode 4 of this saga had more viewers, surpassing the 7 million people watching the series. Interestingly, it had such an increase, having as competition the broadcast of the 65th Grammy.

Even though the music awards show captured more than 12 million people, the HBO show did not lag behind. It increased by approximately 17% of viewers compared to chapter 3. This gives good indications for the company seeing that it is heading to the 10 million zone that only The House of the Dragon achieved on its premiere date.

Chapter 4 of The Last of Us Show High Ratings Despite Grammys

The Last of Us Episode 4: TV Show vs Game Comparison Image: IGN

Chapter 4 of The Last of Us apocalyptic show had the attention of fans and caught more people on TV. Arguably, it took away audience share from the awards show, although the latter didn’t do badly, considering it was watched by more than 12.4 million people worldwide.

However, it achieved that amount of viewership with such a large award ceremony on the same day, is incredible. This is also shown by the reactions of fans creating memes on social media around this saga episode.

The Last of Us show is having growth that catches the attention of HBO. As we mentioned, the series continues to show growth rates of 17%. Despite being far from the 10 million that The House of the Dragon did on its premiere day, it is very close to its current figures. Since this saga remains in an average range between 3 to 9 million viewers per episode.

Another Tough Rival for HBO’s Zombies Series

Super Bowl LVII halftime show Image via NFL

To have obtained such an amount of viewers on the same day of the Grammys is an incredible fact. However, HBO has other problems, as the day planned for the premiere of The Last of Us Show episode 5 will be the Super Bowl game. That could have problems with the transmission of this episode.

Therefore, the executives thought better of it and changed the premiere date to Friday. This way, they could avoid the clash between their new broadcast and one of the United States’ most popular games. This change could imply that they can expect a much more audience, and it is surely one of the reasons for the change, although there may be other additional reasons.

One of the additional reasons could be the halftime of the game. During this break, we will have relevant previews, such as the trailer for The Flash. That’s why it’s also not in their best interest for viewers not to watch the game.

HBO decided to make a last-minute change and let soccer fans watch their game without any clash between the two. This way, they can start their weekend with the premiere of The Last of Us show, and top it off with a great soccer game.

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