The Invincible Official Trailer Looks Like An Grown Up Superher Series
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The Invincible Official Trailer Looks Like A Grown Up Superhero Animated Series

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BY February 28, 2021

From the legendary mind of Robert Kirkman comes The Invincible animated series, which debuted a teaser trailer at the 2020 NYCC. Kirkman is the comic book writer behind The Walking Dead, adapted into the hit AMC series. Invincible is Kirkman’s version of an awesome superhero story that completely subverts the genre while paying homage to the best and brightest aspects of it. And the Invincible official trailer looks just as incredible in so many ways. But it also looks to have a lot of new elements unexpected for an animated superhero series. 

Invincible Official Trailer Sets Up The Usual Drama, With A Twist!

Invincible official trailer clouds. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

The Invincible official trailer opens in a very conventional way. A young teen named Mark has a pretty okay life, dealing with the usual angsty teenage things that the age group has to deal with. He looks to be a good guy, as he tries to stand up for someone, only to be bullied by those stronger than him. The twist here though is that the boy (Steven Yeun) is the son of the world’s finest superhero, Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons). 

So right away, the trailer depicts how the boy feels inferior to this, literally, heroic father. Not knowing if he can ever live up to his potential. Things pick up in the trailer when he also gets his own superpowers, something his father has been waiting for. The usual montage follows as awesome and cool things happen with his training, becoming a superhero himself and kicking butt all over the place. 

Invincible Official Trailer’s Animation Looks Instantly Classic

Invincible official trailer fly. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

While the story is definitely interesting and can pull you into the Amazon Prime Video original series right away, there’s more to it. The animation style looks immediately familiar and reminiscent of some of the great superhero animated shows. It has the vibrancy of the Spider-Man animated series and the polish of The Batman Animated Series. 

The character designs are mostly from Cory Walker’s from the comic book. However, their animation looks very simple and done in a very classy way. I’m glad that the series stayed away from the newer animation techniques of CGI or 3D because its current style makes it feel like a true comic book show. 

An Adult Animated Superhero Series

Invincible official trailer blood. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

What’s also surprising about the Invincible official trailer, is just how grown up it is. While the look of it, and the story makes it seem very like it’s for all ages, the show definitely is not. At least in terms of its visual and violent content. The action and violence are very adult, with a lot of brutality and gore. The closest we’ve ever come to showcasing the graphic nature of superhero strength and powers is on the live-action show, The Boys. Coincidentally, another Amazon Prime Video original. 

Whereas Invincible seems to have a lot of action that involves bloody messes and a lot of violence. Personally, it only serves to get me even more excited for an animated series that sets itself apart from the others in this manner. 

The Voice Cast of Invincible Is Absolutely Bonkers!

Invincible official trailer title So. Much. Talent! | Image via Amazon Prime Video.

Despite how awesome already Invincible looks, the official trailer has two certain frames that made me lose my mind. On top of the already stellar star cast of Yeun and J.K. Simmons, the other voice actors of the series are a who’s who of huge genre favorites. Sandra Oh plays Mark’s mother, forming the family unit along with Simmons. But there are two title cards in the trailer that feature the names of Seth Rogen, Zazie Beetz, Mark Hamill, Mahershala Ali, Jon Hamm, Ezra Miller, and more. Given Robert Kirkman’s most successful series in The Walking Dead, a huge number of that show’s cast also appear here. Actors such as Sonequa Martin-Green, Khary Payton, Lennie James, Lauren Cohan and so many more! As if the visuals and story weren’t enough, the talent behind the voices makes Invincible one of the most anticipated animated series of the year.  

Invincible premieres on Amazon Prime Video on March 26. 

Let us know what you thought about the Invincible official trailer in the comments below. Or on our social media channels.

Featured image via Amazon Prime Video. 

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