The Dropout Premiere Episodes On Hulu Adapts The Podcast Series
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The Dropout Premiere Episodes On Hulu Adapts The Podcast Series About The Youngest Self Made Billionaire

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BY March 1, 2022

The Dropout on Hulu is a brand new original series that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The limited mini-series was heart-pounding-ly good and sucks you in with its riveting storytelling that blends all of the feelings together. But at its heart, it showcases the life of a genius chasing the American dream, however she can. And it’s absolutely stunning to watch! Originally The Dropout podcast series details the story of this hungry entrepreneur. The Dropout premiere episodes retells the story for a new audience as a drama that is genuinely enthralling. It’s a blend of thriller, drama, and the hook is something that everyone can relate to: the desire and drive to be successful. Check out our somewhat spoiler-free review of The Dropout on Hulu.

The Dropout Podcast Series Is About A Real Person

The Dropout podcast series Metcalf. Featured image via Hulu.

Please note: the following section is about The Dropout podcast series, a documentary podcast that is the basis of The Dropout TV series on Hulu. Given that the series is about a real-life person, this section may spoil certain details about the life of the show’s main protagonist. So read win at your own discretion.

Based on a true story, the podcast series called The Dropout looks at the life of Elizabeth Holmes. The story follows a young woman’s journey from a college dropout to the CEO of a major start-up in the biomedical industry valued at Billions. How a college graduate showed such promise as to be considered the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, is the basis of The Dropout podcast series. Which is now adapted into The Dropout on Hulu.

The Dropout introduces Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) as an ambitious young woman looking to revolutionize the biomedical industry. While she has a great idea, the implementation of it is tricky. The Dropout premiere episodes begin with an older-looking Holmes, being deposed in a courtroom setting. Right away indicating that something goes wrong in this character’s life. So the rest of the series will basically chronicle the rise and potential fall of Holmes.

How The Dropout On Hulu Is An Absolute Must Watch!

The Dropout premiere episodes Macy. Featured image via Hulu.

Honestly, let me just start by saying how The Dropout premiere episodes were highly addictive and very enjoyable. The show adapts the podcast series of the same name into a very binge-worthy TV series. The reason for this is simple. The story dramatizes the true story of an entrepreneur chasing the elusive dream of making it big. They do this by not travelling down the beaten path, but by paving a new one on their own. Creators Taylor Dunn, Rebecca Jarvis and Victoria Thompson tap into the very common desire of ambition, drive, desire and achieving one’s dreams, to create a story that is universally appealing.

But of course, if everything was as straightforward as that, it wouldn’t make for engaging drama. The way that the titular Holmes achieves this, is the thing that hooks audiences in. It’s what makes this show so utterly watchable. Amanda Seyfried plays Holmes with so much frantic energy, that you’re just captured by her charisma and her flaws. Even when the character is being self-destructive and exhibiting purely cringe behaviour, you’re still mesmerized. Partly due to how her actions affect the story, and partly due to Seyfried’s performance. It’s bizarre, neurotic and just overall engaging. The story showcases her rise and fall, her humble beginning to her jet-setting lifestyle. And most importantly, how it all seemingly comes crashing down.

Why Does The Dropout TV Premiere Feel Familiar?

The Dropout premiere episodes on Hulu Featured. Featured image via Hulu.

And none of this is unique. We’ve seen so many iterations of the ‘rise and fall’-style bio-pic. Most famously in The Social Network and The Wolf Of Wall Street. But while Scorsese and DiCaprio’s team-up was a total bag of crazy, the story of Facebook’s creator aligns with Holmes’ much more. So many moments of The Dropout premiere episodes felt like a female version of The Social Network. There are definitely parallels to how Zuckerberg achieved his dreams and Holmes’ own approach.

The protagonists of both stories are odd and neurotic anti-social kids who grew up feeling special. And then creating something the world had never before seen. The Dropout podcast series chronicles the same story of Elizabeth Holmes’s trials and tribulations. So this review isn’t entirely spoiler-free, given that it’s a true story. However, it’s one of those stories where the ‘what happens’ takes a back seat to ‘how it happens’. And making it all feel relatable and approachable is Seyfried’s and the performances of the supporting cast.

The Dropout’s Supporting Cast And Storylines Enriches The Series

The Dropout podcast series andrews Featured image via Hulu.

This role for Amanda Seyfried is a powerhouse performance. The actress is usually linked to comedies like Ted 2 or Mean Girls. But in The Dropout on Hulu, Seyfriend brings all of the range. Initially, I felt that her performance was a little uneven, stilted and stiff. But as the story continues, you realize that it’s the character and the depiction of this character that is that way. Which just makes you fall in love with the performance so much more. But besides Seyfried, The Dropout is full of incredible actors and characters that add to the prestige of this series.

In the role of Seyfried’s subsequent personal and business partner is Naveen Andrews. Andrews is most famous for his role in Lost and again in Sense 8. Andrews wonderfully plays an older man who sparks a problematic relationship with Holmes, which just gets worse as the years progress. Stephen Fry as an elder chemist with who Holmes founds her business provides a lot of emotional depth as the wise mentor. After the premiere episodes of The Dropout we also get appearances by veteran actors like Michael Ironside, Sam Waterston, Laurie Metcalf, William H. Macy and so many more.

The Dropout premiere episodes debut on Hulu on March 3, 2022, with subsequent episodes releasing weekly.

Are you familiar with the story of Elizabeth Holmes, or The Dropout podcast series? Let me know if you’re excited about this new series in the comments below.

Featured image via Hulu.

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