The CW's Superman and Lois Shows A Different Version Of The Hero
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The CW’s Superman and Lois Bringing A Different Version Of The Iconic Hero To TV

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BY January 7, 2021

The CW’s Superman And Lois will be part of the network’s return to regular programming. There have been a lot of production delays or cancellations for many TV series in production due to COVID-19. The long running Supernatural, for example, had it’s series finale delayed until after the pandemic. The CW will be the first US network to resume production on their stable of TV shows, and beginning new ones. One of those new shows is The CW’s Superman And Lois. This new show may seem familiar, but brings a different iteration of the characters to the small screen. 

Not The First TV Show Featuring Superman And Lois

The CWs Superman And Lois And Clark. Images via DC Universe

The new show’s name will sound familiar to casual viewers who were fans of the 90’s TV series, Lois and Clark: The Adventures Of Superman. The series brought a live-action Superman to the small screen, and his relationship with Lois Lane was the defining element of that show. The show made Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher into household names. So much so that both have even had special appearances in The CW’s Supergirl. Coincidentally, The CW’s new Superman And Lois show also features versions of the characters that first appeared on Supergirl. 

The Iconic Characters Continue Their Adventures From Supergirl

The CWs Superman And Lois couple. Images via The CW.

This version of Superman that first appeared on The CW’s Supergirl is played by Tyler Hoechlin. The Superman of this world is already an established hero. There is no origin story, as he appears sometimes, and only to help out his cousin during certain adventures. In fact, he effectively retired as Superman, leaving Earth in his cousin Kara’s hands. Hoechlin’s (Teen Wolf) is one of the most likable Supermen, and entirely different from Henry Cavill’s Superman from the DC Extended Universe films.

Lois Lane, played by Elizabeth Tulloch, also debuted on Supergirl, and will now be following Hoechlin into their own show. This Superman already has a relationship with Lois Lane, who already knows his secret identity. This is new because most Superman stories presented thus far in live-action movies or TV, has some subplot involving the courting of Superman And Lois. So with many of those storytelling opportunities resolved, any stories that are yet to come, could be completely new and interesting. In fact, before the Crisis On Infinite Earths reboot, Lois and Clark traveled to Argo City, a surviving bit of Krypton, because she was pregnant with his child. 

The Premise Of Superman And Lois Feels Entirely Original For The Small Screen

The CWs Superman And Lois poster. Images via The CW.

The CW recently released its plans to return to usual programming beginning on January 2021. The new schedule shows Superman And Lois premiering on Tuesdays, immediately following The CW’s flagship show, The Flash. A new detailed synopsis and plot description also reveals a lot about the new show. The CW’s Superman And Lois feature the already iconic Superman as having successfully overcome the challenges of supervillains and monsters wreaking havoc on the world.

And during it all, the intrepid investigative reporter Lois Lane has been by his side as his wife. But this new series will focus on their biggest challenge yet; parenthood. The CW’s Superman And Lois will be about how these two handle their busy lives, along with raising two young sons. On top of the regular concerns of working parents, the two also have to wonder whether the boys will inherit their fathers’ superpowers. 

The new synopsis promises to take the characters back to Clark Kent’s hometown in Smallville. Their lives will then intertwine with that of Clark’s first love, Lana Lang, played by Emmanuelle Chriqui. Other plot points include Superman possibly working for General Lane, played by Dylan Walsh. However, not every aspect of the new show will be nostalgic, as their time in Smallville is upended with the introduction of a mysterious Stranger.

The CW’s Superman And Lois is coming in January 2021. 

Are you excited for this iteration of the classic superhero couple on screen? Let us know in the comments below.

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