Supergirl Canceled After Its Upcoming Sixth Season Is Upsetting
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The CW Cancels Supergirl After Its Upcoming Sixth Season And I’m Super Sad About It

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BY September 23, 2020

The CW is losing some of its biggest shows in the upcoming months. With the end of Supernatural looming, and its long-running Arrow completing its run last year, it’s now time for another of CW’s Arrowverse CWVerse shows to end. A recent announcement confirmed that Supergirl is canceled after it’s upcoming sixth season. Supergirl was one of the more uplifting and hopeful shows of the DC Comics characters shared TV-verse on The CW. I am definitely sad to see it go. 

How Supergirl Was A Beacon Of Light In The Arrowverse

Supergirl canceled sisters. Image via The CW.

The CWVerse features a wide variety of shows that can appeal to everyone. It all began with Arrow, a TV-version of Batman with a tortured and dark lead hero who moped and grumped around everyone in green hues. Contrasting him was the idealistic and super bright The Flash, that had more romance and comedy than Arrow. DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow was just an almost anthology-style time-travel story featuring a massive ensemble and stories that weren’t afraid to tread the line between ridiculously bad and outrageously good. The entrance of Supergirl into this franchise brought something totally new. 

With a female lead, Supergirl had a lot of things going against it. How to do Supergirl with a Superman already in the same universe? How to set it apart from The Flash given their similar dynamics? A lot to go up against. But they did it! Supergirl is an incredible show that has amazing female characters that don’t really fit into any stereotypical mold. In its now six-season run, the show dealt with social issues like immigration and race from the onset.

Episodes subtly featured B-stories about the Black experience through a race-switched depiction of Jimmy Olsen. Supergirl was also the first comic book series to feature a transgender actress as a transgender superhero. The show invested in a huge storyline to the coming out of another main character, which was honestly, beautiful. The news of Supergirl’s cancelation is a huge blow to The CW, but I have faith that they’ll do the ending of the series justice. 

Supergirl Canceled Due To A Variety Of Reasons

Supergirl canceled heroes. Image via The CW.

The Deadline report that announced Supergirl’s cancellation states a variety of reasons why the show is ending. There were already delays to the start of Supergirl’s latest season due to COVID-19. There’s also the fact that the show had to work around the main lead Melissa Benoist’s schedule due to her pregnancy. Adding to this the show’s decline in ratings, it seems like the makers, along with Benoist herself came to the mutual decision to end the show on their own terms. It feels like the right decision, despite my personal feelings about it. Especially seeing how it’s best to go out on their own terms, than just letting the current industry climate dictating an unforeseen cancellation. 

Unlike other series that get canceled in-between seasons, Supergirl still gets an entire, extended season to tell its final story. Most series this year will featured truncated runs, but Supergirl will have 20 episodes with which to wrap up the story. And with that, I’m hoping that they will be able to give a proper send off to Supergirl and everything the show meant to the landscape of superhero shows on The CW and on television in general. And, with other DC shows on the air, it’s possible we’ll see Supergirl again as a guest star.

No word yet on when Supergirl season 6 will premiere on The CW. 

What do you think about Supergirl’s cancelation? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via The CW. 

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