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The Crown TV Show’s Ratings Skyrocket In the UK With 1.1 Million Viewers

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BY November 11, 2022

The Crown series is one of the most-watched TV shows on Netflix, and since 2016, its ratings have not stopped rising. This success led it to the fifth season, which premiered on November 9, 2022.

The start of the series’s fifth season had good momentum, considering that an estimated 1.1 million viewers watched it in the UK on its premiere day. The figures could be higher than announced, considering these only counted viewers on smart TVs. 

According to analysts and Netflix executives, these figures could be increasing exponentially. The number of The Crown TV show’s users could rise dramatically over the weekend, boosting its rating even more. Company executives emphasize that it is a series that gives good results to the company.

The Crown TV Show’s Ratings Skyrocket In the UK With 1.1 Million Viewers

The crown tv show rating Image: Netflix

Netflix officially launched the fifth season of The Crown TV show on November 9, and its ratings were impressive. According to, this Netflix series was watched by at least 1.1 million users. This figure did not include people who watched this saga on PCs, Tablets, or Smartphones. 

According to the figures collected by BARB, the number of viewers who stayed to watch episode 2 onwards was lower and gradually declined. For example, in episode 2, there were 660,000 viewers. In episode 3, approximately 300,000 users stayed. By episode 4, 147,000 people were enjoying it on their TV sets. 

Although The Crown had a good start, many critics compare the TV show to other productions such as I’m a Celebrity…. Get Me Out of Here!, with similar ratings. This one had 7.9 million users watching it through a TV set, marking quite a noticeable difference between the two productions.

However, this comparison may have little basis, considering the release date of both productions. In the case of I’m a Celebrity…. Get Me Out of Here! was released on the weekend, having the full attention of users. On the other hand, The Crown was launched on a Wednesday, a complicated date for a TV show, which may have affected its ratings. Experts expect the numbers to increase considerably for this weekend.

A curious fact is that Netflix has revealed this information, considering how reserved it is with this kind of data. However, it’s not that surprising either, considering that the company registered with the UK’s Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB) last month.

Netflix Backs The Crown Despite the Gap

'The Crown' season 5 timeline ‘The Crown’ season 5, photo by Netflix

The numbers may differ from what Netflix wants, considering the other show’s results. However, The Crown is a TV show of high relevance for the platform ratings. Ted Sarandos confirmed this in an interview on the day of this season’s world premiere.

For Sarandos, The Crown is one of the productions most enjoyed by the public, especially in the UK. The series brought fun to many users of the platform, and by the results obtained so far, he is proud of the work done. Sarandos said, “since ‘The Crown’ premiered back in 2016, it is – pun intended – the crown jewel at Netflix, and we’re incredibly, incredibly proud.”

The Netflix executive added, “This has been and continues to be the highlight of my personal and professional life. I’m incredibly in awe with vision and his writing. And I am incredibly, incredibly grateful for your friendship. Peter, thank you so much.”

The Crown is still on track for release, and Netflix executives will be waiting to see what happens this weekend. They claim that the numbers will go up and that some will even stay to enjoy most of the episodes of this new series season.

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