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Watch The Creepshow Trailer From Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero

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BY March 30, 2021

New horror streaming service Shudder debuted the Creepshow trailer at Comic-Con International, providing the first look at the new anthology series. There are many folks behind this series, but the leader of this new scary show has excellent horror credentials. Greg Nicotero is best known for his work on The Walking Dead, and he serves as the showrunner for this latest iteration of a classic horror brand. The first episode will feature an adapted Stephen King story, Gray Matter, and an original tale written by Josh Malerman, the writer behind Netflix’s Bird Box. Other stories featured in the first season of this series come from acclaimed writers, including King’s son Joe Hill. John Harrison serves as a director for at least one of the segments, and he earned his stripes working with the late George Romero on both Tales from the Crypt and the first-ever Creepshow.

What Is Creepshow?

The Creepshow Trailer
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As you can tell from the Creepshow trailer, this series has roots in the world of comic books. In the very early 1980s, Romero and King collaborated on the original film which drew inspiration from EC Comics. These horror books featured short tales, often with thinly veiled morality messages, inspired the 1982 film featuring five tales written by Stephen King. The author even acted in the movie as Jordy Verrill, a hapless rural man who finds a meteorite that turns him into a kind of Swamp Thing character (which recently had a series premiere). There’s another connection to everyone’s favorite avatar of the green. Adrienne Barbeau, who played Abby Arcane in the first film, appeared in the movie. And she’s also landed a role in this new series, so there is plenty of connective tissue between the Romero classic and the latest effort.

In conjunction with the first Creepshow movie, which continued with two sequels, King published a graphic novel version of the stories in the film. This was pre-Watchmen, so at the time comic books were still considered simple funny books for kids. However, there is nothing juvenile about these stories. Romero, who died two years ago this month, helped bring short-form horror tales into the modern age with both Creepshow and HBO’s Tales from the Crypt, which is basically a carbon copy of the concept. The question on fans’ minds now is if this series will live up to the memories of the originals. Using modern-day effects and featuring plenty of recognizable actors, Nicotero hopes to honor Romero’s legacy by introducing a whole new generation to the world of Creepshow.

What Is Shudder?

As the streaming wars rage on, Shudder is an AMC-owned streaming service dedicated to supernatural, horror, and other genre stories. The service started in 2015, however it was invite-only at the time. The service officially launched around Halloween of the next year with 500 horror titles for fans to choose form. They also featured some exclusives, such as Rob Zombie’s horror film 31, though two weeks later the movie was available on DVD and other digital media. In 2018, Shudder finally produced some original content such as the film Mayhem starring Steven Yeun, another Walking Dead alum. The Creepshow trailer shows that this service is not slowing down, despite all other upcoming contenders for streaming dollars. With Nicotero at the helm, it seems a sure thing that it will be a screaming success.

What do you think of the Creepshow trailer? Does it compare to or even surpass the original? Is it enough to make you give Shudder a try? Also check out the Shudder’s Creepshow premiere post that we wrote. Tell us in the comments below or by sharing the article on social media

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