The Boys Vought News Network Launches A News Show
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The Boys’ Vought Industries Launches A News Show To Further Build Its World Before Season 3

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BY July 8, 2021

Amazon Prime Video’s original TV series The Boys continues to impress, even when it’s not on the air. Or streaming, as the kids call it these days. The deconstructionist superhero show featured a world of corrupt superheroes, while a band of regular Joes have to take up the fight against them. The root of the problem is an international conglomerate called Vought Industries, which has made the superhero game a profitable business. And in keeping with that brand, The Boys’ Vought News Network now launches a new show that looks to give us more insight into the world of this series. 

The Boys’ Vought News Network’s Seven On 7 Show Is Pure Propaganda

The Boys Vought News Network Homelander. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

The Boys shows Vought as this massive conglomerate that dabbles in many things. While recruiting, sponsoring, and treating superheroes like their main product, the massive corporation has its shady fingers in many pies. One of the best things about The Boys is how they showcase the behind-the-scenes aspects of a huge corporation, and how they manipulate public opinion, to further their capitalistic agendas. 

And now, adding to that is a special segment in their own Vought News Network in The Boys, which specifically looks to redeem the company and their superheroes. Season 2 saw a lot of bad press on the company, with most of their nefarious plans exposed to the public. One of their newest superheroes on their premier superhero team, Stormfront (Aya Cash) came out as an actual Nazi who went psycho in the season 2 finale. Not to mention that her reveal put a big blemish on their eminent superhero, Homelander (Antony Starr). So it makes sense that The Boys’ Vought News Network would launch a new show to mitigate all of that. 

A New “News” Segment From An Already Corrupt Media Division

The Boys Vought News Network VNN. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

Throughout the series, we’ve seen the Vought News Network disseminate news in a very slanted manner. Seemingly existing simply to pave the way for public opinion to be on the side of the company’s main activities. But now, in an EW exclusive, we know that a series of segments, The Seven on 7, will premiere every week, providing news reports. The ‘reports’ themselves will reveal information about the new season, laying the groundwork for The Boys season 3. 

The first episode confirms a few larger story beats that season 2 ended with. Namely, the fact that Homelander himself is AWOL from the public eye. The end of season 2 saw Homelander, kind of defeated, in many ways. His new lady love and, dare I say, soulmate, Stormfront, was left for dead. He was also blackmailed by Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligottt) to drop his claim on his son. Who, by the way, was also Butcher’s (Karl Urban) wife’s son with Homelander. Last we saw Homelander, he was—pleasuring himself— overlooking the city in, what I can only describe as an act of utter frustration and an attempt to exercise power when feeling powerless. So it makes sense that he’s taking some me-time between the seasons. 

The News Also Confirms Where The Lead Of The Show Is

The Boys Vought News Network Hughie. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

Season 2 also ended with Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) walking into the office of Congresswoman Neuman (Claudia Doumit), asking for a job. Neuman is also the larger, secret baddie of season 2, which I’m sure will factor into the new season. As we find out in the news segment, Hughie has become a senior analyst on her team in the government. However, his associations with the Boys, are raising many eyebrows. 

Other bits of information features the status of the blind hero Homelander murdered as a throwaway scene in season 2. And a MyPillow-like TV personality with his own political leaning agendas. And the similarities to other real-life situations don’t stop there. 

Why Does The Boys Vought News Network Look Familiar?

The Boys Vought News Network is basically a parody of a Fox News-like right-wing reporting of the news, with Vought Industries being the corrupt ideology that they’re pushing. The new series will actually release on the 7th of every month, with new segments that fill out the events leading up to season 3 of The Boys. It’s a really unique way to build hype for the new season. While trailers and teases only do so much, an originally shot video set in that same world, as part of a planned marketing strategy is much more interesting. 

But at the same time, I’m sure the information provided in these news segments won’t be required viewing, so as to make the new season accessible to everyone. Most likely the segments may be in in the season listing on Amazon Prime Video, for audiences to catch up on prior to season 3. On top of being an awesome superhero show, the creative approach such as these to the release of the show makes it that much more interesting. Season 2 saw a prequel short of Butcher’s story before he rejoined the Boys. And season 3 looks to be just as interesting with this new approach with The Boys’ Vought News Network. 

The Seven On 7 segments release on Vought’s social media channel on the 7th of every month. 

What did you think about these cool new digital segments from The Boys? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Amazon Prime Video. 

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