The Boys Got a PETA Award For Octopus Bizarre Scene
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The Boys Got a PETA Award For Octopus Bizarre Scene

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BY June 10, 2022

There is no doubt that The Boys series has come on strong in this third season. It’s almost impossible not to take your eyes off the screen in certain scenes. We are seeing a level of brutality that exceeds the previous two seasons. There is no shortage of blood, viscera, and nasty moments. Thanks to one of these scenes, The Boys got a PETA award. We will be talking spoilers about a scene starring The Deep, the character that parodies the DC character, Aquaman. You know what we are talking about if you have already seen it. 

The Boys Brutality Made Into a Series

The Boys season 2 final trailer politics. (Image: Sony Pictures)


The controversial series The Boys narrates the adventures of a particular group of superheroes called The Seven. The story is set in a hyper-realistic environment where the characters are controlled by a large corporation called Vought International. The superheroes are a parody of DC characters: some examples are the character Homelander, who embodies Superman, The Deep, very similar to Aquaman, Queen Maybe to Wonder Woman, and A-Train, the speedster of the group that reminds us of Flash, among others. 

The difference is that the characters are extremely narcissistic, violent, lying, and overbearing. The approach that The Boys gives us about people with superpowers is one we could see in the real world. The only restraint these ultra-powerful beings have is the corporation that manages them, Vought International. This multinational is the company that holds the patent on the compound that gives the characters their superpowers. It also controls the public relations of the superheroes, with promotional and marketing actions as if it were a music group. 

Poster Image via Amazon Prime Video.

In this third season, we see how the most powerful character, Homelander, gets out of control with his psychopathic impulses. This weird version of Superman is preying on ordinary people and his colleagues. The event we will discuss now starred The Deep and Homelander and caused The Boys to get a PETA award. 

The Scene that Caused Controversy 

In this scene, the bully character Homelander accepts The Deep into the group again. Recall that Vought International had removed the aquatic character from The Seven due to allegations of sexual abuse. However, to accept him, he forces him to eat a particular dish, an octopus named Timothy, who is a friend of his. In this bizarre version of Aquaman, the character has a fetish for sea creatures. Previously in the chapter, we see how Deep is having sex with his wife while looking at a fish tank with an octopus inside, Timothy. Well, this is the octopus that Homelander forces him to eat. 

The Boys Got a PETA Award (Image: Sony Pictures)

The scene is so well treated that it is repulsive and forces you to avert your eyes from the screen. It is a scene that denounces animal abuse and has caused The Boys got a PETA award. 

The Boys Got a PETA Award 

The Boys season 3 debut Image via Daily Research

PETA’s initiative to give this award is because Sony used special (and very successful) effects to film the scene. The production of The Boys has made this effort and also highlights animal abuse has caught PETA’s attention. On this occasion, Chace Crawford, Eric Kripke, and the special effects team of The Boys have received the “Tech, Not Terror” award for this disturbing scene. Lisa Lange, PETA’s Senior Vice President, stated, “The Boys‘ real heroes are working behind the scenes, creating a realistic CGI octopus so that animals can live in peace. PETA is celebrating this series for helping viewers see every octopus as an individual like Timothy, not as an entrée or as entertainment.”

The Boys series is full of brutal content. Are there any scenes that particularly struck you? 

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