Alice In Borderland Live-Action Trailer Shows A Bloody World
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The Alice In Borderland Trailer Shows A Bloody And Terrifying World Of Gory Games

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BY November 20, 2020

Netflix’s newest original series is Alice In Borderland, based on a manga and a popular original video animation. The sci-fi series is a violent action story set in a post-apocalyptic world, and the whole thing looks absolutely terrifying. The Alice In Borderland live-action trailer just released and gives us an in-depth look into this scary world, and what everyone has to do to survive. 

New Netflix Series Based On A Manga

Alice in Borderland live-action trailer crowd


The Alice In Borderland manga released in 2010 running for 18 volumes, ending in 2016. The series was so popular that it even had an original video animation to its name. The story sees a high school student reflecting on his life one night, and making a wish to live in a different world. Suddenly, him and his two friends are transported into an alternate Tokyo, one that is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, ruled by various characters. In order to survive, the three friends have to take part in outrageously brutal and violent games. 

The manga is now getting a live-action adaptation on Netflix. The Alice In Borderland live-action trailer released earlier today is an adrenaline-fuelled ride of insanity. The violent action and intense moments definitely make this series worth looking forward to, and something that’s totally different from what we usually get. 

Alice In Borderland Live-Action Trailer Is A Violent Rollercoaster Plowing Everyone Down In Its Path

Alice in Borderland live-action trailer cast.

The trailer for Alice In Borderland on Netflix is a wild ride. The trailer showcases the plight of our lead characters, and how they find themselves in a familiar, but unknown world. Initially scared and meek, they have to adapt to the rules of the ‘game’, to survive. What unfolds is some monumentally messed up scenes of fighting, slaughtering, an all out war as everyone is seemingly trying to make it out alive. 

There seems to be some sort of progression to the games as well. Winning one isn’t enough, you have to win a bunch, and collect cards to get what you want. And even that seems to vary. There seem to be people in power in different parts of the city. The lead heroes have to figure out, not only a way to survive in this new world but also somehow get back to their own. And for that, they’ll obviously have to play the game. 

The Intensity Of The Alice In Borderland Live-Action Trailer Is Unique

Alice in Borderland live-action trailer leads.

Netflix’s new series is unlike the usual shows we see on the streamer. While there’s lots of asian martial arts movies and shows, one with the frantic anxiety of The Purge in a post apocalyptic world, is rare. The Alice In Borderland live-action trailer also seems to focus on character building and a great arc for its leads. Initially looking weak and frail, by the end of the trailer, our heroes look like badass action heroes. I’m a sucker for character development that sees timid protagonists become amazing heroes. What’s more exciting is that we won’t have to wait long for the series to see how it all plays out. 

Alice In Borderland releases on Netflix on December 10. 

So how did you like the Alice In Borderland live-action trailer? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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