The Afterparty Premiere Episodes Satire The Typical Murder-Mystery
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The Afterparty Premiere Episodes Satirize The Typical Murder-Mystery With An Awesome Cast

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BY April 16, 2022

Apple TV+ is totally stepping up their game with their original content. After the massive success of Ted Lasso and The Morning Show, their latest is a more all-out comedy series with a great cast. The Afterparty premiere episodes introduce a satirical take on the whodunnit genre of mysteries. With a unique premise, the first three episodes of the show are pretty hilarious, while also engaging on a more suspenseful level. The Afterparty on Apple TV+ also uses its unique premise to get pretty damn creative with its episodic storytelling approach. And it helps that The Afterparty cast is full of a lot of amazing comedic talent. Check out my review of The Afterparty premiere episodes.

The Premiere Episodes Of The Afterparty Showcases A Unique Premise

premiere episodes Haddish. . Image via Apple TV+.

The Afterparty is an original Apple TV+ series that is basically a satirical spin on the murder-mystery genre. It’s similar to how the 21 Jump Street franchise from the same creators was an homage to the traditional action slash buddy cop genre of movies. The show begins when a murder ruins a high school reunion after-party, making everyone at the party a suspect. The twist here is that the person who’s murdered was a popular pop artist, and all the suspects are people he knew back in high school before he was such a famous celebrity.

When the detectives arrive on the scene, all these former & current friends, acquaintances, love interests and rivals are sequestered until the murderer is found. The best part of The Afterparty premiere episodes is that the show is a comedy that ranges from the ridiculous and insane, to the very well-crafted joke here and there. But regardless, it’s all pretty great! It’s also interesting as this series seems like one of those inspired by the recent success of Knives Out. Which also subverted the classic murder mystery. While the upcoming Death On The Nile is a more straightforward entry into the genre.

The Afterparty on Apple TV+ Comes From Phil Lord & Christopher Miller

The Afterparty Song. Image via Apple TV+.

Despite The Afterparty cast that brings together so many amazing actors together, it’s the behind-the-camera talent that originally piqued my interest. The Apple TV+ original series comes from the mind of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the geniuses behind Into The Spider-Verse, The Mitchells Vs. The Machines, America: The Motion Picture, and so many more. The producing-writing-directing duo has made a name for themselves for creating innovative and hilarious original content. They’ve worked on movies and TV shows that have gone on to become classics in their respective genres.

The Afterparty on Apple TV+ is a joint venture between the two, while still being a solo project for Christopher Miller. Miller created, writes and directs many of the episodes in the series. But despite that distinction, The Afterparty premiere episodes have trademark Miler-Lord aspects that definitely make it a show to watch out for. The only thing more interesting than the creators is The Afterparty cast.

The Cast Of The Afterparty Is A Whole Lot Of Comedic Talent In One Place

The Afterparty premiere episodes Lead. Image via Apple TV+.

The Apple TV+ series has an awesome number of comedians in its cast. The Afterparty cast features Tiffany Haddish as the detective in charge of the murder investigation. Haddish brings her usual in-your-face personality to the role, playing a character that definitely has an arc of her own that the audience isn’t aware of in the premiere episodes. Leading The Afterparty cast after Haddish is Sam Richardson (Veep, The Tomorrow War) who seems to be playing the de-facto lead of the series. The story starts as Richardson’s Aniq comes to his high school reunion hoping to rekindle a long-lost love. However, as the night turns from okay to worse, Aniq becomes the prime suspect, given his rivalry with the victim.

The cast continues its awesomeness with the likes of Zoe Chao, Aniq’s crush, her ex-husband played by Ike Barinholtz (Suicide Squad), and Aniq’s best friend played by Ben Schwartz (Parks & Recreation). Rounding out The Afterparty cast are Tiya Sircar (Star Wars Rebels), Ilana Glazer, Kelvin Yu and more. Even the murder victim himself is the always funny Dave Franco, who plays a douchey pop-star who everyone has a motive to kill complicating things even further. 

The Afterparty Premiere Episodes Have A Cool Concept

The Afterparty on Apple TV+ Image via Apple TV+.

If all of this wasn’t enough for you to check out The Afterparty on Apple TV+, how about a genre mashup? While the show’s premise is a comedic spin on the murder-mystery genre, each episode does something a little different. Each episode is seemingly from the perspective of each member of the cast. It’s similar to how The Last Duel did it, but a lot less serious. The first of the three premiere episodes is a regular episode from the perspective of Aniq. The other two have a lot more fun with the show. Episode two follows Brett (Barinholtz), a dude-bro jealous ex-husband who is the hero of his own action movie. Therefore, you guessed it, his version of events that of a cool-guy action movie. But the best of The Afterparty premiere episodes is from the perspective of Yasper (Shwartz), and it’s a full-on musical!

It’s all these reasons why The Afterparty premiere episodes are a lot of fun. It’s not perfect, with some huge plot holes. I do question the competence of Haddish’s detective, the fun stuff overwhelms those criticisms.

The premiere episodes of The Afterparty are now streaming on Apple TV+. With a new episode releasing weekly.

What did you think of this new Apple TV+ series? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Apple TV+.

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