Sweet Tooth Premiere Episode Is A Fairy Tale In A Post Apocalyptic World
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Review: Sweet Tooth Premiere Episode Is A Fairy Tale Set In A Post Apocalyptic World

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BY April 28, 2022

The post-apocalyptic story has been done to death by now. From zombies in The Walking Dead, to monsters in Resident Evil and so many other variations, it’s a sub-genre that we’ve seen a lot. But Sweet Tooth is a story set in a similar world, that’s unlike anything before it. At least, that’s the tone we get in the Sweet Tooth premiere episode. It’s the latest Netflix original series based on a comic book series from Jeff Lemire. A story set after the world ends due to a virus, but about an innocent young boy, that is also somehow a family-friendly show? I know, I was skeptical too. But the Sweet Tooth premiere episode gives us all of that, while some sequences are a little tense. Especially since they involve a cute little boy. Well, deer-boy. Here’s my review of the Sweet Tooth premiere episode. 

Sweet Tooth Is Truly A Post-Apocalyptic Fairy Tale. Somehow.

Sweet Tooth premiere episode Pubba. Your typical forever vacation into the woods. | Image via Netflix.

What sucks you in right away into the Sweet Tooth premiere episode, is the style of storytelling that we’re getting. It’s something that was in the trailers too, but the show really drives it home. The show begins with the sweet narration of an old man, nonchalantly telling us a story. You can almost picture the lazy rocking chair and sun-kissed porch, in a small town in Georgia that he must be narrating from. But the story that he’s telling, the one we’re seeing with our eyes, is drastically different from the manner with which it’s being told. 

Scenes of death, despair, and desperation fill the screen as the obligatory prologue of the post-apocalyptic world begins. It’s very cool and really does a great job of putting you at the edge of your seat. And all this is even before the cute li’l kid shows up to completely invest us in his story. Oh, and the kid is cute, make no mistake! But it’s these contrasting tones that really sell this Sweet Tooth premiere episode, much more than just another story set in a ravaged world. 

The Sweet Tooth Premiere Episode Sets The Tone For The Rest Of The Series

Sweet Tooth premiere episode Adi. This subplot is all shocker. | Image via Netflix.

A lot of TV shows take some time to grow on you. Jupiter’s Legacy is one such show that takes some time to fully get into. While the best shows usually have a great pilot or first episode that totally sets the tone. Such shows like The Mandalorian, The Boys, and so many others let you know exactly what to expect from the show, in its first impression. And the Sweet Tooth premiere episode does that the same thing very effectively.

It introduces us to this world, where an illness has taken hold and the world is now a desolate place. Society still exists, but it’s fractured, paranoid, and lashing out against a certain group they hold responsible. Because, around the same time the virus came about, some kids began to be born, who were animal/human hybrids. With no explanation of how these kids came to be, the public began to blame them for the virus. Hunting hybrids quickly became a thing, prompting one dad to take his newborn baby into the woods, hiding him from society. Enter Gus (Christian Convery) and his Pubba (Will Forte).

Sweet Tooth Premiere Episode Takes It Time To Set In

Sweet Tooth premiere episode Cart. Off to adventure! | Image via Netflix.

Despite the impact of the Sweet Tooth premiere episode, it does take its time in establishing where the story is going. The almost hour-long format of the show gives this first episode a lot of breathing room. A lot happens, but it never feels rushed. And establishing the world of this series is very important, as a lot of it is atmosphere and tone. It’s definitely a strange show, as it deals with a pandemic in an interesting but strange way. I’m curious to see how the rest of the series splays out, given the very real world pandemic we are very much in right now.

It’s not until the last half of the episode where the story really picks up. We see how the world treats the hybrids, and it’s pretty damn scary. Having a cute little kid be in danger, and innocently try to understand the harsh world around him brings levels of anxiety and stress as a viewer, that, surprisingly, doesn’t feel manipulative. The writers aren’t trying to exploit the kid’s cuteness for quick and easy feelings. But rather his innocence in the face of what feels like threats specifically against him, and his obliviousness to it all adds an added layer of drama that I’m intrigued to see play out. 

Sweet Tooth’s premiere episode definitely gives us a super interesting show. While it’s a little slow, if it’s meant to set the stage, things are sure to pick up as the series progresses. I’m hoping there’s a bit more action and some more exciting plot points that the trailers teased. Until then, I’ll be tuning in to see the exploits of young Gus , as he attempts to find his place in the world.

Sweet Tooth premieres on Netflix on June 4.

Will you be watching this new comic book adaptation when it releases? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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