Sweet Tooth Official Trailer Is A Bambi In A Pandemic Apocalypse
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The Sweet Tooth Trailer Is Basically Bambi Set In A Post-Pandemic Apocalypse

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BY May 17, 2021

Sweet Tooth is a highly anticipated comic book live-action adaptation coming soon on Netflix. Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey are the producers of the new series. It features the story of a world of human-animal hybrid children, with the remaining humans hunting them down. When the teaser released, I was disheartened to hear the disparaging remarks about the series. A lot of inappropriate jokes made at the expense of the mystery behind the hybrids’ origins. It’s Especially upsetting given that the tone of the show very much looks like an optimistic and idealistic narrative, despite the darkness in the story. But while the teaser trailer gave us a glimpse into this world, the Sweet Tooth official trailer fleshes it all out and gives a better understanding of what the story is all about. 

Sweet Tooth Official Trailer Holds Nothing Back

Sweet Tooth official trailer birth.

The new Sweet Tooth official trailer is absolutely perfect when it comes to what a trailer should do. Introduce the world, the protagonist, the conflict, the journey and then leave audiences with a sense of wanting to know more. It’s a wonderful trailer that, weirdly enough, plays out very much like a storybook tale. The teaser featured a similar bedtime story narrative format, and so does the Sweet Tooth official trailer. 

The trailer begins with what looks like the titular Sweet Tooth’s father, narrating the world to him (and us). The father (I presume) is Will Forte, who we only glimpsed in the teaser trailer. He tells us of the bad people in the world, and how the world fought back with, what looks like a pandemic. There are people with masks abound, which feels all too familiar. And then there are the human-animal hybrid kids. To hide from those wanting to kill them, Gus (Christian Convery) and his father hideout in the woods. A chance encounter ends Gus’ isolation, as he has to venture out into the world with his newfound ally Tommy (Nonso Anozie). But Gus might be totally out of his element, not ready for what awaits him out there. 

For A Post Apocalyptic Story, Sweet Tooth Feels Uplifting

Sweet Tooth official trailer crew.

Sweet Tooth looks like one of those stories about a cute little child who is cheery and has an unrelenting sense of optimism in the face of brutal adversity. A similar trope is in play right now during the first few episodes of The Bad Batch as well, on Disney Plus. That formula is set against a post-apocalyptic world, where Gus’ outlook in life might be the key to revealing the mysteries of the world’s status. As well as his own origins. The trope of innocence vs harshness is always an interesting one, especially in genre fiction. It’s a hyperbole of the good vs. evil trope, with a new layer added, being from the perspective of an innocent child. A sheltered child venturing into a ravaged world with no understanding of it also provides a fish-out-of-water aspect, which should be interesting. 

And it is an interesting concept and one that relies entirely on the cuteness of Convery. At least on that front, the Sweet Tooth official trailer sells itself pretty successfully. But the other elements are also interesting enough for me to want to watch this series. They hint at a dark back story of Tommy. The various factions attempting to both destroy and protect the hybrids. The seemingly separate subplots of other hybrid children, and their stories. Not to mention how the existence of Gus and the others directly links to the cause of the apocalypse. Which is all but a little too obvious. I for one am onboard the Sweet Tooth train, and can’t wait for its series premiere. 

Sweet Tooth releases on Netflix on June 4, 2021. 

Did the Sweet Tooth official trailer get you more excited for the new show? Will you check this out when it premieres? Let us know in the comments below. 

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