Superman, Lois, And Bizarro – Doomsday Twist Starts Season 2
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Superman, Lois, And Bizarro – Doomsday Twist Starts Season 2 For Real

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BY April 29, 2022

We don’t know if Henry Cavill will be Superman again or which Black actor will be cast in the new Superman projects in the works. Still, we have a pretty good Superman in Tyler Hoechlin, who took on the role for Supergirl season 2. In fact, he’s played our Arrowverse Kal-El, and at least two “dark” versions of Superman throughout his tenure. Now he gets to try his hand at Bizarro, who will be the season 2 villain for Superman & Lois instead of Doomsday like fans originally thought. This new CW series is pretty good at faking out their audience, as they did a similar misdirect last year.

Of course, the Superman saga is only half of the story on this show. In fact, what makes Superman & Lois so refreshing is that we get to see Clark Kent as both a husband and a father. After the Crisis On Infinite Earths reshuffling, Superman is on Earth-Prime with the rest of the Arrowverse. Though, outside of a cameo from David Ramsey’s John Diggle, they feel very much on their own. Real-world realities for why there isn’t more crossover aside, this tracks with this version of Superman. There is no mention of the Justice League, so the Arrowverse doesn’t have one. So, that means this Kal-El is used to flying solo. He also doesn’t like putting others at risk.

Only this version of Bizarro could spell doomsday for Superman, Lois, and the rest of Smallville if he doesn’t have help. Luckily, we seem poised to get an updated version of Steel, and there are other powered characters in the cast who can help. Yet, Bizarro may be just the beginning of trouble for Clark Kent and kin.

The Doomsday Twist Is Reminiscent of the Lex Luthor Fakeout for Steel

SUperman Lois Doomsday Bizarro Twist Steel and Clark Image via Warner Bros. Television

Last year, Wolé Parks debuted as the Stranger, revealed to be John Henry Irons. Yet, before we knew this (not really an) antagonist was the iconic Steel, they tricked us into thinking he was a multiversal Lex Luthor. The reveal of Bizarro in season 2 of Superman & Lois was also reminiscent of the beginning of the Death of Superman story that introduced Doomsday. In fact, the green, vaguely sci-fi suit Bizarro wore as he escaped is clearly inspired by the original Doomsday design. Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane even gets a gag in earlier in the latest episode when she tells Clark not “go all doomsday” on her in a low moment.

Bizarro and Superman are connected, in a way that scares Lois and the kids because it does feel a little like doomsday for Clark. A connection he shares with this other being gave him debilitating episodes. He also, in moments of anger, lost control of his powers. An incredible scene comes early in the second act when, for the second time, Clark’s heat vision flares up. Since he’s at the school, he can only unleash the power into his own hands. Also, Hoechlin’s performance is remarkable as he goes from rage to being appalled by his own behavior. He really nails the softer, restrained side of Superman. Likely, he honed the character on Supergirl, because whenever Superman showed up, it was to make the audience and the characters feel better.

The other interesting thing is how the “S” symbol will come into play. Naturally, Bizarro wears the classic Superman symbol backwards. Yet, the new government-sanctioned, America First (subtle, right?) superheroes also wear the Kyrptonian ‘S.’ Also, earlier in the season, we see people selling Superman merch. With Bizarro in the mix, I feel like the importance of Clark as a symbol will be a big deal in season 2 of Superman & Lois.

The Bizarro on Superman & Lois Is Not Just a Joke Character

SUperman Lois Doomsday Bizarro Twist Suit Image via Warner Bros. Television

While usually there for comic relief, the Bizarro in Superman & Lois feels as serious as Doomsday would be. At the very least, he doesn’t talk with the “me am Bizarro” syntax he does in the comics. (Though his words sound reversed – his two lines of dialogue were, in order: “Leave me alone,” and “Home.”) John Henry Irons seemed very sure that this Superman wasn’t his evil version of Superman. If that’s ultimately true, that could be important. Because, in the comics, Bizarro for all his silliness and villainy, he wants to be a “good” Superman. Just as when Irons was “the Stranger,” perhaps Bizarro is a red herring for the real threat? Maybe we will get some comic relief later in the season, as this being tries (at least) to be an ally?

Forget Bizarro and Doomsday, because I wonder if the real villain of Superman & Lois season 2 isn’t a familiar one. First, we’re getting our first Supergirl crossover as Jenna Dewan reprises her role as Lucy Lane. (Sam Lane was recast from Supergirl to Superman & Lois, Dylan Walsh replaced Glenn Marshower.) Perhaps she won’t be the only one? Maybe Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor is going to show up.

The woman posing as Dr. Faulkner, played by Catherine Lough Haggquist, could very well be Mercy Graves. Rhona Mitra played her in Supergirl, but this could just be another recasting. Or she might just be a new character working for Lex. There may be another twist coming, and this is my longshot theory one what it might be.

Superman & Lois debuts new episodes Tuesdays on the CW.

What do you think? Are you excited that Bizarro is on Superman & Lois, or were you hoping for another live-action Doomsday? Share your thoughts, reactions, and theories for what’s going to happen in the comments below.

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