Superboy and Krypto Titans Debut Changes the Game for the Series
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Superboy and Krypto Debut Changes the Game for the Series

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BY July 26, 2022

In the sting at the end of the first season, we got our first look at the Titans version of Superboy and Krypto. We saw Joshua Orpin walking naked through a destroyed lab in order to free a white dog with heat-vision eyes. Rather than happening concurrently with the events of the first season finale, this actually took place just a few days before the current continuity in the series. In what almost serves as a standalone episode of Titans, Superboy and Krypto escape a creepy lab and go in search of who they are. Well, at least who Superboy is. Krypto is still a pretty weird mystery.

In the comics, he takes the name Conner Kent and hates to be called Superboy. But the show makes a major change from the comics and it improves everything. Originally created in the 1990s during the aftermath of the “Death of Superman” story, Superboy is a genetic clone of both Superman and Lex Luthor. Titans keeps this backstory for Superboy (and we don’t know much about Krypto yet), only they make one big change. In the comics, Conner is a fully-baked clone. He has the emotional maturity of a teenager. This version, however, escaped his artificial womb too early. There is a fun sci-fi explanation in the episode to explain what he does know and how he acts. But, in some areas, particularly emotional ones, he’s like a small child.

With all of the ego in Titans tower, this is a great change because it gives the group a naïve innocent to play off of.

Superboy and Krypto Are More Powerful Than All the Titans Combined

Titans superboy and krypto Image via DC Universe

We get to see a glimpse of Superboy’s and Krypto’s abilities, but both are still just learning about their powers. Still, even at their current levels, Connor and his dog could decimate all of the Titans by themselves. This early in the second season (and without an equally powerful character for Superboy to face), they have to limit his powers somehow. The final few moments of the episode show how they plan to do this, setting up two major problems as we head into the season’s midpoint. It’s a safe bet that we’ll see a fully powered Superboy and Krypto join the Titans for the finale. But for the time being, they have to hobble this insanely powerful character.  They also gave him things to care about that will almost certainly come into conflict with the main Titans mission.

Still, this episode resolves more than I initially thought it would. (Meaning, we get to see what happens with the DC Universe poll that asked fans to vote whether Jason Todd lived or died.) For the first time, all of the Titans will likely be under the same roof. This season consists of 13 episodes, but since the Titans second season premiere is essentially part of the first season, the next episode is our midway point. The Titans will come together, only to likely be split apart again. Superboy and Krypto have to be kept on the bench in order to give the other Titans a chance to shine.

And they all still have a lot of work today. The Titans version of the Nightwing costume leaked online after a fan snapped a photo. While he may debut the new look in the next episode, it definitely will at least start him on the path to becoming the iconic character.

It’s Time to Take a Closer Look at Bruce Wayne

Titans Superboy and Krypto Image by DC Universe via Reddit

The next episode of Titans is titled “Bruce Wayne,” and this means we’re likely going to spend some time with Iain Glen’s Bat-patriarch. This may be because he will play a crucial role in solving the problem given to the Titans in the last moments of this episode. Now, it’s possible that Raven could fix it on her own, but it makes more sense that Bruce steps in to help. We’ll likely get to see glimpses of Dick Grayson’s relationship with him. We may even see Batman, but if we do it will be the short-glimpse only version we got last season. But, since we saw flashbacks to Dick’s youth in the first season, too, it’s likely that device will reveal more about their relationship.

Maybe we’ll get some Batcave scenes, with the characters not in costume? Either way, Dick may end up leaving Wayne Manor at the end of the episode with a new uniform in which to fight crime. At the very least, he’ll tell Bruce he needs a new costume, only for it to arrive at an opportune time in the back half of the season.

Either way, the addition of a half-Kryptonian and a super-dog will change the game completely. Deathstroke is tough, but he’d never be able to hold his own against these two. Lex Luthor and his minions? Well, that’s a bigger challenge. Still, with the help of the Titans team, Superboy could easily take him down. Thanks to the addition of Conner, the Titans are easily a Justice League-level power now.

Watch Conner Kent in Action

What do you think of the second season so far? I feel like the show continues to improve and grow. It’s tough to put together an ensemble superhero team without introductory solo projects. Just look at what happened with Justice League, Snyder Cut or not. Titans really seems to be pulling it off, including with the introduction of Superboy and Krypto. But we want to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below or start up a conversation on social media.

Image via DC Universe

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