Strange New Worlds Teaser Shows Captain Pike In A New Star Trek Series
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Strange New Worlds Teaser Brings A New Nuance To A Familiar Star Trek Series

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BY March 16, 2022

 Spinning off from Star Trek: Discovery is a brand new Star Trek series in live-action. After the immense success of Discovery, it made sense to make a new show set in that same world, with a totally different tone and approach. Although the Strange New Worlds teaser does start a little darker, at least when it comes to the lead of the show. And that looks like it’ll be one of the hooks of the show. The journey of Captain Pike in Strange New Worlds is something that fans are looking forward to, especially given how complicated his history is. Fans of the franchise may finally revisit stories that could directly connect to Star Trek: The Original Series. And how it will all work out is what’s so intriguing about this new show. Read on to find out what we think this new series may be about.

The New Star Trek Series Spins Off Of Star Trek: Discovery

Strange New Worlds teaser Pike. Image via Paramount+.

The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds teaser gives us a new light to characters first introduced in Discovery. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. The characters in the new show, although played by the same actors in Discovery, are legacy Star Trek characters. Meaning they originally appeared in the first-ever Star Trek live-action series, Star Trek: The Original Series. Anson Mount’s Captain Christopher Pike leads the Strange New Worlds teaser. The character appeared in season 2 of Discovery, as a temporary replacement to Discovery’s former Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs).

However, the character’s origin goes back to the original series, with multiple appearances by different actors throughout the franchise. But in this new Star Trek series, Pike’s story continues from the events of season 2 of Discovery but acts as a prequel to the Original Series. In his last appearance in Discovery, Pike witnessed a glimpse of his future, which is canonically accurate with the characters’ first-ever depiction in The Original Series. It’s kind of a complex history, so stay with me.

Why Does Christopher Pike Look So Depressed In The Strange New Worlds Teaser?

New Star Trek Series Pike. Image via Paramount+.

When the Strange New Worlds teaser begins, we see a different Pike than the cheery and uplifting Captain from Discovery. The reason for that is what Pike experienced during the events of season 2. Although, to understand that, we have to take look at the character’s origins from his first appearance on TV. Pike is canonically the second Captain of the Enterprise, after Robert April, but pre-dating the iconic Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner).

The first-ever Pike, played by Jeffrey Hunter, originally appeared in the pilot for Star Trek but was then replaced by Shatner’s Kirk afterwards. The character reappeared in the same series as a disfigured hero Fleet Captain, played by Sean Kenney. The 2-part story arc focused on how Pike rescued many cadets during an emergency, but one that left him scarred, disfigured and a complete paraplegic. It’s this version of the character that Anson Mount is playing in Discover and now, the Strange New Worlds prequel.

So the reason why Captain Pike in Strange New Worlds teaser is so depressed is because this version actually knows about his future status of becoming a paraplegic. Clearly having trouble reconciling, it seems that Captain Pike in Strange New Worlds has taken a leave of absence from Starfleet in the wake of those events. At least, that is where this new Star Trek series seemingly begins.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Teaser Provides A New Angle To A Familiar Series

Captain Pike in Strange New Worlds Pike.

Strange New Worlds sees the characters introduced in Discovery, going off on their own mission in the legendary starship Enterprise. The mission of exploration predates the one from The Original Series with Captain Kirk. The teaser teaser honestly looks great, but not like anything new. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the teaser, but it’s a reinvention of a familiar idea. The teaser is full of hope, optimism and boldly going into new worlds with new actors playing familiar characters.

What separates this new Star Trek series is that it is a return to episodic Star Trek television. Something that has been lacking in these new iterations currently on the air. Discovery is more serialized storytelling featuring a season-wide arc or threat. Picard is a sequel to The Next Generation and is also telling a large story through multiple episodes in a season. This new Star Trek series, however, promises a more procedural style story, with a new adventure every week. This is what the Star Trek franchise was built on, with most of the TV shows featuring a similar approach. But there’s already 1 arc that will weave through the series, and that’s the one about Pike and his future.

How This Show Is A Different Kind Of Back-To-Basics Trek

Enterprise.New Star Trek Series Image via Paramount+.

Despite the familiar ground that Strange New Worlds will cover. there’s a key distinction; Captain Pike knows of his own future. Unlike the teaser of this new Star Trek series, which is very hopeful, Pike’s own future in Strange New Worlds teaser is dark and grim. So it’ll be interesting to see how Pike recovers from the bearded, horse-riding loner we see in the teaser who seems down on life. And how he might transform into a Captain who has to inspire and motivate a crew into the unknown while dealing with his own demons. It’s definitely going to make this new Star Trek series very interesting and one to definitely watch out for.

Strange New Worlds sees the return of Mount, as well as Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Spock. The show also recasts Nyota Uhur played originally by Nichelle Nichols with Celia Rose Gooding. Another character from the original series appearing in Strange New Worlds is Jess Bush as Nurse Chapel (originally Majel Barrett). Another interesting tidbit of the Strange New World’s cast is the inclusion of two characters named La’an Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong) and Manu Noonien-Singh (Cameron Roberts).

The reason is that these characters have the same last name as one of Star Trek’s most iconic villains, Khan Noonien-Singh. Ricardo Montalban played the character in The Original Series and then the feature, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. Benedict Cumberbatch also played him in the rebooted franchise in Star Trek Into Darkness. Any connection between these characters and Khan himself will definitely be something to look out for in the new Star Trek series.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds premieres on Paramount+ on May 5.

What did you think of this new Star Trek series teaser? Are you curious about how Captain Pike will be in this show? What do you think of the connection to Khan is in this series? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via Paramount+

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