Starz Heels Trailer Feels Like If Friday Night Lights Was About Wrestling
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Stephen Amell’s Heels Trailer Feels Like If Friday Night Lights Was About Wrestling

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BY January 25, 2022

After the much-loved Arrow, which kickstarted the CW-verse of DC Comics shows, many of us were eagerly awaiting Stephen Amell’s next. Having recently seen Code 8, the Canadian alternate take on superpowered people, I was actually getting more excited for Amell’s next project. And now, we finally get an official look at his new show with the Starz Heels trailer. The new series is all about a fictional, behind-the-scenes look of a small-town wrestling family, and it looks pretty engaging. Not to mention that the high-powered drama of small-town characters is always fun to watch. 

Starz Heels Trailer Brings Amell’s Love For Wrestling To Life

Starz Heels Trailer Ending. Featured image via Starz.

Stephen Amell is the Torontonian that hit it big with leading The CW’s now mainstay stable of DC Comics shows. Arrow was an unprecedented success, which paved the way for shows like The Flash, Supergirl, Legends Of Tomorrow and basically all those shows that the network is now known for. Unlike other TV stars that parlay that level of success immediately with movie roles, Amell played it pretty smart. Besides a supporting role in the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie sequel, Amell didn’t go that big. Instead, though, he did something weirder; made appearances on World Wrestling Entertainment’s premiere show, as part of celebrity tie-in rivalries. 

Amell is a self-professed fan of Wrestling entertainment. So he took his celebrity status and appeared on WWE, creating rivalries with popular wrestling stars, and even got to appear in a match or two. Amell joined the likes of famous celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Tyson, Hugh Jackman, and many more, to appear for short quick guest appearances on WWE. But it was all fictionalized rivalries, similar to guest appearances in movies. And if you know wrestling, you get it. If you’re not familiar with the wrestling world, this could get confusing. Especially because Amell’s new series, as shown in the Starz Heels trailer, is all about the wrestling world. So let’s start slow.

What Is Wrestling Entertainment And Is It Really Fake? 

Starz Heels Trailer Brothers. Featured image via Starz.

The largest Wrestling Entertainment program in the world is WWE. And let’s just put this debate to rest right now; the professional wrestling entertainment industry is ‘fake’. In the sense that unlike boxing and the UFC, the sequence of events, the results of each match, and the rivalries are all fiction. Written by writers and performed to perfection by talented performers. What’s all too real, however, is the action itself. Unlike movies, Wrestlers are their own stuntmen. So when you see a man flying 20 feet in the air onto a wooden table on top of another wrestler—they actually do all that. No safety equipment, no wires, no CGI. And unlike movies and TV, they do it all in one take. In front of a live audience of thousands. For almost every other day of the year. It’s exhausting and takes a toll. But the results are stunning. 

We got a great look at a part of this world in Fighting With My Family with Florence Pugh. And there’s also the more recently released Young Rock, a fictionalized comedy about the life of third-generation Wrestler, Dwayne Johnson. Many great actors actually have come from the world of wrestling like the aforementioned Rock, who will be Black Adam. Guardians Of The Galaxy and Army Of The Dead star Dave Bautista. And even one of the stars of the upcoming The Suicide Squad, and his own Peacemaker spin-off series, John Cena was a wrestler. But an actor rarely likes the sport so much that after his appearances on the WWE, his next star vehicle is a fictionalized look at the world of Wrestling. Through the lens of small-town characters in seemingly rural America. But that’s what the Starz Heels trailer gives us, and it’s actually pretty great. 

Starz Heels Trailer Feels Like Friday Night Lights But With Wrestling

Starz Heels Trailer Amell Featured image via Starz.

The new trailer opens with the world of a small wrestling league in Georgia. The league looks to be supported by older project Jack (Stephen Amell) who is more the brains of the operation, taking over for his father who built the league. Younger brother Ace (Alexander Ludwig) is one of the stars of the league whom the fans love. Or rather, love the fictionalized character that Ace plays, that was written by Jack. This friction seems to be the seeds of the drama that the series will focus on. While also delving into how pretending to be a hero or villain in a faux-reality sport, could have deeper implications that bleed into the performer’s real life. 

As Ace gets more and more popular, he begins to veer away from the family legacy and looks like he’s in it for himself only. Throw in a love interest that might be stoking those fires even more, and a conflict is definitely brewing. Add to this the fact that older brother Jack seems to have the responsibility of his dad’s legacy squarely on his shoulders. And all the drama that comes with it. Then factor in that the entire vibe of this show is very much a family drama set against the backdrop of a regional wrestling league. It’s a great premise actually. The end of the trailer even makes it clear that their issues may bring the brothers to blows. But will it be real, or a fictionalized rivalry for entertainment purposes only? 

There’s Tragedy In The Real Lives Of Wrestlers

Starz Heels Trailer Cast. Image via Starz

While The Rock and others are the happy endings to some wrestling careers, they really are an exception to the rule. Most wrestlers’ live turn out worse than the athletes in other professional sports. Depression, addiction, and death are almost part and parcel of this life. There are real-life tragic stories about the dark paths that many wrestlers go on during and after their carers. I’m not sure if the Starz Heels series will go that dark, but it definitely looks like it’ll touch upon the more problematic aspects of the industry. How feeling like a God can inflate one’s ego, and how that affects the relationships around you. It’s a very interesting premise that I am totally on board for. 

The series writer is Michael Waldron, the man behind the recent Loki series, and the upcoming Dr. Strange: Multiverse Of Madness. 

Heels premieres on Starz on August 15. 

What did you think of Stephen Amell in this new Starz Heels trailer? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Starz. 

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