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Star Trek: Picard Teaser Trailer Shows Us The Next Frontier

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BY March 24, 2022

Although Star Trek: Picard is now just a little over a month away from its debut on CBS All Access, the streamer is still playing things pretty close to its vest. However, with the release of the latest Picard teaser trailer, we do get a brief look into the captain’s life post-Enterprise. Here’s what to know before you go.

Catching Up With Jean-Luc Picard

Picard Teaser Trailer image via CBS All Access

Star Trek: Picard (whose release date is next year) is, at this time, the most current iteration of Picard’s life. By that, I mean this is the most recent account of what he’s been up to since Star Trek: Nemesis. During that 2002 film, he had to deal with a lot of tough stuff. That included the death of beloved crew member and friend Data (Brent Spiner), as well as continued tensions with the Romulans. They’ll both play a part in the upcoming CBS All Access series.

And so will recent plot developments. If you recall, Romulus, the Romulans’ home planet, was destroyed in the 2009 film Star Trek: Nemesis. The new Picard will incorporate that plot detail, becoming the first Trek show to do so. (Alex Kurtzman, Picard‘s showrunner, co-wrote that movie with Roberto Orci). It is expected that the dissolution will have a significant impact on Picard, as he often struggled to make peace between the Romulans and the United Federation of Planets. Presumably, although the destruction is a new thing, Picard’s past history with the Romulan people will be kept intact.

What We Know From The Picard Teaser Trailer

Picard Teaser Trailer image via CBS All Access

The teaser trailer, being mercifully brief, doesn’t tell us a whole lot more than the full-length Picard trailer did. Both show Picard, in a kind of quasi-retirement, when he’s approached by Dahj (Isa Briones), a mysterious young woman. However, we still don’t know much about her, except that she needs his help and she instinctively trusts him. (I have a big spoileriffic guess as to who she really is, but I don’t want to get yelled at on the internet today.) Together with his new crew, Picard is going to do his level best to protect her.

That new crew includes characters played by Harry Treadaway, Michelle Hurd, and Alison Pill, by the way. But that’s not to say that Picard won’t encounter old friends. We will see Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and Riker (Jonathan Frakes), for example. They will be joined on this series by Spiner and Marina Sirtis, among others. Watch the teaser trailer here:

Star Trek: Picard will boldly go forward January 23, 2020, on CBS All Access. In Canada, it will air on CTV Sci-Fi and on Z, en français. Elsewhere, it will be available on Prime Video within 24 hours of its CBS release.

Are you looking forward to this new chapter in Admiral Picard’s life? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

featured image via CBS All Access

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