Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Trailer Is Where The Series Comes Alive
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Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Trailer Is Where The Series Really Hits Its Stride

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BY October 11, 2021

Star Trek: Discovery has been around for 3 seasons now. The show that I widely regard as the one responsible for this fantastic world of Trek that we now live in, with multiple spin-offs, comedies and other upcoming Trek content. A newly released Star Trek: Discovery season 4 trailer shows us what this original Paramount Plus series is all about. And it honestly looks very exciting. And it’s not because there’s some dramatic thing carrying over from the last season or some personal emotional arc that needs to be dealt with. Instead, Star Trek: Discovery season 4 is exciting simply because it’s doing exactly what a Star Trek show should be doing! Read on to find out what I mean.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Closed A Loop

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 trailer Poster. Image via Paramount Plus.

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 will not really be a continuation of any of the major storylines from the season before. But rather, the setting and status of the crew from season 3 remain the same, but the story it all anew. This would be different from its other seasons, as most of those storylines ended in unresolved cliffhangers. Usually set up to continue in the following season. But season 3 saw the crew of Discovery find themselves in the future, trying to kick start a struggling Federation. On a parallel arc, the lead of the show, Michael Burnham, was able to complete her own journey and find purpose in this new future.

Micheal’s journey from season 1, trying to figure out who she is and where she fits into a Federation that she betrayed the ideals of, was super engaging. In season 3, in the future, Burnham led a life of a rebellious smuggler, only for Discovery to show up and throw her back in that life. Eventually, Burnham, along with her new beau, made her peace and finally found purpose aboard the Discovery and her newfound family. And with her help Discovery proved to be a major asset to rebuilding a fledgling Starfleet. It was honestly as happy of an ending as a show set in a dark future about space-faring explorers could get. And it was great to have a long-running sci-fi series actually go out on a good note. And not on a cliffhanger ending or some other ominous conclusion.

A New Beginning Marks A New Adventure

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 trailer chair. Image via Paramount Plus.

With season 3 ending on a happy and hopeful note, we all wondered where season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery would go from here. And with the new season 4 trailer of Discovery now out, we have our most accurate look at what to expect from the new season. With Michael now the captain of Discovery, the crew seems to embark on a brand new adventure. And it’s definitely a sci-fi type of storyline. A new anomaly is threatening the universe, and of course, a newly reinvigorated Starfleet has to deal with it. Enter Burnham and the crew of Discovery in their fresh new uniforms about to fly into this new threat.

How Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Trailer Feels Very Trekky

The new season of Star Trek: Discovery definitely feels more in line with the spirit of Star Trek than the seasons before. Some of the criticisms aimed at the other seasons of Discovery was about how the show veered away from the original Trek ideals to become more R-rated and action-packed. Even more so than the J. J. Abrams movie reboot of the original Star Trek. The earlier seasons focused on the personal story of Burnham, with the main plot tying directly into the lead character’s origin story. The Star Trek: Discovery season 4 trailer looks to be devoid of all of that.

The season is seemingly a more science-fiction-y threat about space anomalies destroying the universe. And the plucky and likeable crew, that we’ve all come to love, springing in to action to stop it. In many ways, it feels like the best parts of a reboot. One that takes away the baggage of the previous seasons, but where the relationships carry over. The best of both worlds to be honest. The crew seems happier, less melancholy and the season looks to be focused on the external threat. While I’m sure there’s going to be internal and interpersonal relationship drama as well, it feels like a fresh start. Not to mention that I think the trailer also featured our first looks at Ferengis and possibly Cardassians in this new Star Trek universe. So safe t say that I’m way too excited to jump into season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 premieres on Paramount Plus on November 18.

What did you think of the new trailer for season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Paramount Plus.

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