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The South Park Vaccination Special Review – At Least Something Is Back To Normal

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BY March 17, 2021

We have been enduring the ongoing coronavirus pandemic for so long that movies and television shows are starting to reflect our new reality. Everywhere we look, there is a series where somebody is wearing a mask, mourning the loss of a loved one, or coping with social distancing, thanks to COVID-19. And, to be honest, it’s not the best state for entertainment to be in. We’re already living with this chaos, so why would we want to watch it when we’re reverting to fiction as a form of escapism? However, the South Park Vaccination Special is here to remind us that it’s not all bad when done properly. Showing the state of the world can still bring a smile to our faces.

The South Park Vaccination Special Sure Is Special

When wild things happen in our world news, I often wonder how South Park would parody it. The series has found success for its ability to deal with incredibly topical events in innovative and refreshing ways, and the pandemic is one of them. They released the South Park Pandemic Special in September of 2020, parodying both the pandemic itself and the intense political waters of the United States at the time.

For some, very little has changed since the fall of 2020. Many of us are still stuck inside due to stay-at-home orders or braving the realities of the virus on the frontlines, earning far too little recognition for the risks taken. For others, everything has changed. Lives have turned upside down. Some are thriving in ways that wouldn’t be possible without the world’s changes. But one big difference exists for all of us: vaccinations have arrived. And the South Park Vaccination Special has run straight towards them.

South Park pandemic Things look a little bit different than the last time we saw them. Image via Comedy Central.

Who Is Getting Vaccinated in South Park?

Vaccination rules differ from country to country. In Canada, our senior population and frontline workers are the priority, with the general population aiming to be vaccinated before the summer. In the U.S., things are a little bit more hectic with uncertain and consistently changing plans. The South Park Vaccination Special opens up by jumping right into the challenging situation.

The seniors are living it up as the only group allowed to run wild and maskless. Meanwhile, teachers and just about everybody else are tired of waiting in line outside of their local Walgreens, hoping for an opportunity to get a dose. Unlike the past special episode, this one decides to zone in on the boys who blew the show to stardom back in the 90s: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and the infamous Eric Cartman. They end up on a journey to help our most crucial workers, the teachers, get the vaccines they rightfully deserve.

South Park pandemic special Image via Comedy Central.

It’s Not Just About The Pandemic, Folks

South Park has evolved so much over the last twenty odd years. They never pick one topic to single in on during an episode. So, of course, vaccinations aren’t the only thing going on this time around. As this is the first episode released following Donald Trump’s removal from the White House, the show raises the subject of what comes next. South Park decided to put Mr. Garrison in the presidential chair back in 2016, which means our least favorite teacher is back in town. And this time, he’s got secret service with him.

Despite wanting to go back to a normal life, Mr. Garrison isn’t completely out of the woods when it comes to his presidential duties. Most townsfolk hate him, but some love him a little too much. QAnon conspiracy theorists have arrived in South Park, and they’re looking to him for answers.

South Park Image via Comedy Central.

The Show Is Back To Its Roots

A common criticism of the past few episodes of South Park, including the last special episode, was that Randy Marsh was featured too heavily for many (myself included) tastes. It took away from the silly shenanigans of other characters and centered it around a character that’s nearly impossible to cheer on, no matter how much he makes you laugh. This episode chooses to go in a different direction, putting the child stars at its forefront and making the episode revolve around their dynamics.

The decision to go back to a group of scheming kids with a simple goal in mind reminds us why this show will always be on our list of things to watch. At its core, South Park is here to tell wild adventures in a way that doesn’t shy from crude laughs. That’s why we love it, and that’s how we want it to stay.

The South Park Vaccination Special covers all of the topics that we could anticipate. From social distancing and mask-wearing (and those who refuse to wear them) to conspiracy theorists and the importance of friends during these trying times, this episode nails portraying this weird little time that will forever go down in history.

Have you watched the South Park Vaccination Special yet? Let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments below!

Featured image via Comedy Central.

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