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The Snowpiercer TV Series Trailer Is Impressive, But Also Highly Curious

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BY May 20, 2022

The amazing, yet commercially disappointing Chris Evans’ film Snowpiercer finds new life as a TV Series. The series recently released its first trailer at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. And it looks like the dystopian world and it’s downtrodden seem to be back for one more uprising. 

Snowpiercer was the 2014 action thriller directed by Korean filmmaker Boong Joon Ho. The film saw Earth as a frozen dystopia with the only survivors living on a perpetually moving train. The inhabitants of the train live under a strict economic class-based structure; the rich live closer to the front, but the back is occupied by the dregs of this new society. The story of the film sees its main character (Evans) lead a mutiny against the train’s upper class. 

The movie was well received by critics, including our review of Snowpiercer, but failed to resonate with audiences.

Why Snowpiercer the Movie Worked Critically but Failed Commercially

The film was an incredibly stark look at a unique socio-economic structure, arising out of dire circumstances. All under the extremely claustrophobic backdrop of a moving train. The themes of the oppressed suffering at the hands of the privileged are amazingly depicted in the movie. The director does this through the innovative setting, almost hyperbolizing them. It was an action movie that made you think.

Poster for the 'Snowpiercer' movie.
Image via Moho Film

The action itself was breathtaking. The film saw massive, almost war-like, battle scenes play out in a cramped space as if it took place on an actual battlefield. And Joon Ho’s framing of the shots and use of space made the sequences feel epic and incredibly stylized. This was also one of Chris Evans’ best non-Marvel Cinematic Universe roles. The film proved his range beyond that of playing a superhero. There was also incredible performances from its star cast of Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton, Ed Harris, and John Hurt. 

Snowpiercer the movie was extremely close to home in terms of its politics for most North American audiences. And given that it ran almost like an indie film, the marketing wasn’t able to reach everyone. With its incredibly gritty vibe and somewhat socially preachy subject matter, its poor box office performance is somewhat understandable. But not really, given that it’s one of the best films in, quite possibly, the last decade. However, the film found a second life upon its release on Netflix, becoming a massive cult-hit.

The Snowpiercer Series Adapts the Events of the Film

Like most TV series adaptations of movies, the Snowpiercer series will reboot the story by restructuring it for television. Being set 7 years after the world has been ruined by the climate, turning it into a frozen wasteland, the train and its inhabitants survive. While the film saw its inhabitants occupy the train for decades, for characters in the series, the apocalyptic events will be more recent. 

An image of Jennifer Connelly & Daveed Diggs from 'Snowpiercer' Series.
Image via TBS

It’s still unsure how the TV show will add to the world and story, especially given the ending of the movie. The premise of an uprising, already witnessed by fans of the movie, will need to differ dramatically and add more to it, to prevent from being repetitive and stale. Given that the characters in the series are different than those from the movie, their motivations for the eventual rebellion need to differ as well.

The Trailer Looks As Impressive As the Film

Despite these concerns, the Snowpiercer show looks incredible. The trailer, released at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 showcases how the series has perfectly captured the vision and visual vibes of the film while adding some new and intriguingly different layers. 

Those new layers seems to feature a lot of relationship drama, sex, and various sequences from the trailer that look interesting. While other scenes make me curious about the scope of the story in this series and how it will all be incorporated into the show. 

The new series stars Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Alison Wright, and Lena Hall. Diggs and Connelly seem to be at odds with one another, playing the protagonist and antagonist of the series, respectively. While comparisons between the film will be inevitable, it should be interesting to see how the show will play out its events in a way that’s still surprising to new audiences, and most importantly, the fans of the film. 

An image of Daveed Diggs from 'Snowpiercer' Series.
Image via TBS

The series had a troubled start with changing various showrunners, settling on Graeme Mason, (Orphan Black). Despite those issues, Snowpiercer seems to have been put together well enough to be one of the year’s most anticipated shows.

What did you think of the Snowpiercer trailer? Let us know in the comments below.  


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