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Snoopy Show On Apple TV: OMG, Baby Snoopy

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BY March 16, 2021

Joshua thinks that he can hide my airhorns and that’ll quiet me down. Too bad–I buy in bulk. *AIRHORNS* In case you haven’t heard, there’s going to be a Snoopy Show on Apple TV. And now we have the details, including the trailer.

The Snoopy Show On Apple TV Will Follow Famous Pup On New Adventures

Unless you’re reading this from your cave, you’re familiar with the Peanuts gang. Maybe you grew up reading the comic strip. Or maybe you think their holiday special is one of the best Christmas movies. (Transport me with your moody vibes, Vince Guaraldi Trio!) In any case, you know the score. Or you think you do. Until now.

The new Peanuts show on Apple, The Snoopy Show, will use the beloved characters to tell new stories. Specifically, we’ll be joining the world’s most famous beagle and his bird bestie, Woodstock, as they do what they do best–get into mischief. We’ll watch Snoopy play pretend in his favorite guises, like Joe Cool, the Masked Marvel, and of course, the World War I Flying Ace, who will continue his battle against Der Rote Baron. He’s coming for you, von Richthofen!

Or, uh, as Apple says, “All of his bold, beloved personas are on full display in this brand-new animated comedy.”

But More Importantly, He’s A Widdle Baby

However, this won’t just be the adult Snoopy we’ve come to know and love. As the trailer shows, and you can see in our featured image, we see the moment Snoopy becomes Snoopy. In other words, we get to see Charlie Brown find a lonesome little pup in a barn. With nothing more than a dog biscuit and some reassuring words, an iconic friendship is born. Um, I need a moment.

Anyway, while I’m not definitely crying, you can check out the trailer below. There will be six episodes of The Snoopy Show total, and they will be available on Apple TV on February 5.

Tell us what you think on our social media or in the comments. Are you going to watch The Snoopy Show?

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