Six Of Crows Cast: Shadow and Bone Spinoff in Works by Netflix
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Six Of Crows Cast: Shadow and Bone Spinoff in Works by Netflix

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BY April 1, 2023

To all the Crow fans out there, we know you want to see Freddy and Anita in the Six of Crows cast. Here’s all the information we have so far. 

Shadow and Bone Spinoff Officially Coming to Netflix?

In the Netflix’s TV series Shadow and Bone, we had the opportunity to meet the Crows. And while the Crows of Ketterdam were not the main topic of the show, we still loved and yearned for Kaz Brekker and Inej’s scenes.

Well, it seems that we might be getting what we wished for. The showrunner and writer Eric Heisserer confirmed that he has been working on the Six of Crows series. Moreover, the events of the potential spinoff series will happen simultaneously to the ones in the Shadow and Bone season 2. 

This makes the perfect opportunity for us to learn more about the Crows of Ketterdam. Mainly, Leigh Bardugo’s Crows franchise focuses of their heists, as well as the survival of the Crows. 

While many fans are hyped up by the fact that the Six of Crows TV series is officially on its way, this may not be true. Namely, the creators admitted that the spinoff solely depends on the success of Shadow and Bone season 2. 

Hopefully, season 2 goes well! In the meantime, fans already stated who they would love to see in the Six of Crows cast. 

Fans Begging to Keep Anita Suman in the Six of Crows Cast

When we say that we don’t wanna lose her, we don’t literally mean that Inej may die. On the contrary, Inej Ghafa stays alive in the Six of Crows novel franchise. Fans are simply voicing their wishes for the Six of Crows cast. 

Therefore, Netflix, hear us out: Do not recast! Please, for the love of god, keep Anita Suman as Inej and Freddy Carter as Kaz Brekker. For those of us who followed the Shadow and Bone series by Netflix, we are absolutely obsessed with their on-screen energy. 

In addition to the main Six of Crows cast, some of the returning faces from the Shadow and Bone can include Jack Wolfe, Kit Young, Danielle Galligan, and Calahan Skogman. This means that we would be glad to watch the new spin-off with the cast of Crows remaining the same! These actors successfully brought Leigh Bardugo’s characters to life.

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