She-Ra Season 5 Trailer Is The Emotional Gut-Punch That We Didn’t Need
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She-Ra Season 5 Trailer Is The Emotional Gut-Punch That We Didn’t Need Right Now 

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BY May 2, 2020

The She-Ra season 5 trailer just dropped, and I realize now that I was not at all ready for it. The final season of the DreamWorks Animation series will arrive on Netflix on May 15. The season will end the 5 seasons-long arc that creator Noelle Stevenson has planned from the start. I was skeptical to believe that version of events, but the She-Ra season 5 trailer makes it abundantly clear that this is the end. And it’s an emotionally charged ending at that. 

How An Animated Show Like She-Ra Became An All-Time Favourite

She-Ra season 5 trailer cast Images via Netflix.

As a 30-something man, I am probably not the intended demographic for a show like She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power. But as someone who loves storytelling in all its forms, especially one done so incredibly well, it’s hard not to love She-Ra. The series takes familiar formulas and tropes and improves upon them in amazing ways. The story starts with our heroine working for the bad guys. Once she realizes that they’re bad, she joins the good guys, leaving her best friend feeling betrayed. Most of She-Ra’s seasons prominently feature this friendship storyline.The evolution sees She-Ra become a hero through her experiences, while that friend develops into a villain. 

It’s dynamics like that in their storytelling that makes She-Ra stand out. Not just as a great animated show, but a series that can appeal to all ages due to its intelligent story and characters. I watch the series wth my 7 and 11 year old daughters, and we’re all equally obsessed with it. 

She-Ra Season 5 Trailer Begins A New Arc To End The Series

She-Ra season 5 trailer Adora Images via Netflix.

The entire She-Ra series thus far has been culminating in the reveal of the major villain. As well as the unfolding of the mystery that is the legend of She-Ra. When Adora, a normal girl finds a magical sword, she transforms into a legendary warrior known as She-Ra. Through her adventures, and her friends, they discover that their war-torn planet of Eternia is directly linked to She-Ra’s powers. 

The previous seasons before She-Ra season 5 featured reveals involving the legend of She-Ra. How She-Ra is a title passed down from warrior to warrior. Season 4 explained how the She-Ra before Adora brought Eternia into a different realm, to protect it from the hands of the villain, Horde Prime. Season 4 ends with Eternia realigning to its original realm, into the hands of Prime. She-Ra also had to destroy her sword, the source of her power, to protect the world. And now, our heroes are at the mercy of Prime, without She-Ra to protect them. 

The She-Ra Season 5 Trailer Is Quite Emotional

She-Ra season 5 trailer Catra Images via Netflix.

She-Ra’s season 5 trailer looks incredible. The trailer begins with a cover of the series’ opening theme song. However, the song is slowed down and is very much a melancholy version of itself. The song mirrors the pacing of the trailer and builds from start to finish. The trailer itself sets the stage for the entire series finale and, to be completely honest, it got to me. The trailer looks to portray a finality to the events happening on-screen. So it’s a very sad and moving trailer where things are grim and sour.

Our heroes are going up against Horde Prime, with no upper hand. The voice over has Adora talking about how there’s no hope, no way out. While we get glimpses of fight sequences, battles and a lot of characters looking down. It makes me wonder if there may even be a death or two in this final season? 

This Could Be A Perfect Ending To A Perfect Series

She-Ra’s season 5 trailer was very different from any of its others. There was absolutely no joy and no comedic moments. Usually the show features some comedy, but this time around it all looks sad and tragic. The trailer leaves me with a lot of questions about the upcoming final season. 

Will Adora and Catra ever become friends again? How can they hope to defeat Horde Prime without She-Ra? What is the history between She-Ra and Horde Prime? And will Adora ever get her powers back? At least one keen eyed fan, my 7-year-old, has theorized that by the end of She-Ra season 5, Adora will realize she had the power of She-Ra inside herself all along. Something that the last frame of the trailer seems to hint at as well. 

She-Ra season 5 premieres on Netflix on May 15. 

What did you think of the She-Ra season 5 trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 

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