She-Ra And He-Man Christmas Special A Possibility According To Creator
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She-Ra And He-Man Christmas Special A Possibility According to Noelle Stevenson At NYCC 2019

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BY August 13, 2021

The creators of She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power want a He-Man Masters Of The Universe shared universe. While taking the stage at New York Comic Con 2019, creator of the new Netflix series She-Ra, discussed her hopes for a She-Ra and He-Man Christmas Special.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power have done 3 successful seasons of the Mattel toy brand spin-off. The new series is amazingly empowering while being hilariously funny. Recently, the original show that She-Ra spa off from, Masters Of The Universe, will also become a Netflix original. Show run by Kevin Smith, the new series has said not to be crossing over with She-Ra. But that will not stop creator Noelle Stevenson from wanting it.

She-Ra Panel at NYCC 2019

When She-Ra took the stage at NYCC 2019, Stevenson was all about the He-Man crossover.

In the original story, a villain kidnaps He-Man’s twin sister at a young age, and takes her to another universe. The new She-Ra show has been teasing this connection since Season 2 and has explicitly shown a portal to another world in its Season 3 storyline.

But it seems that He-Man appearing was not part of those otherworldly plans that Stevenson had. But since the He-Man show is now a reality, she’s all for it. Voice actor AJ Michalka, who previously worked with Smith even jokingly harassed him about it. Even calling for fans to ask Smith about it through social media as well.

“Everybody tweet him. Kevin reads tweets!”

— AJ Michalka. NYCC 2019

She-Ra And He-Man Christmas Special Would Be Nothing New in The Masters of Universe World

Stevenson’s request for a She-Ra And He-Man Christmas Special isn’t entirely impossible. There has already been a Christmas Special, during both the shows’ original run.

In a special episode that aired in 1985, He-Man and She-Ra were planning to celebrate their birthday after years of being apart. However, an accident causes one of their friends, a wizard, to end up on Earth where two kids teach him about Christmas. When he’s finally rescued, the kids accidentally return to Etheria with him. To prevent the kids from missing Christmas, the  characters of Etheria and Eternia join forces to transform He-Man and She-Ra’s birthday into a Christmas celebration. While He-Man has guested on She-Ra’s shows many times, this was the first time that She-Ra appeared on her brother’s world.

Christmas Specials Could Easily Become a Netflix Thing

It also wouldn’t be the first time that Netflix has done a Christmas special for one of their original shows. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina did a special 1 hour episode weeks between their first and second seasons. The episode titled A Midwinter’s Tale saw a Christmas themed story that stayed separate from the main storyline.

The She-Ra that could crossover with He-Man in a Christmas special. Image via Netflix

The original He-Man and She-Ra were the same show in terms of animation style and tone. The Netflix versions, however, will vary dramatically. The He-Man show, titled Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, will be a more adult and Anime style, continuing the story from the original series. While She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power are a completely bright style of animation aimed at youths and younger audiences. So it should be interesting to see how each characters will crossover into one universe. But knowing the humor that Stevenson brings to her series, and that Smith is sure to bring to He-Man, it should be a fun cross over. If it does ever happen.

Do you want to see a She-Ra And He-Man Christmas Special? Let us know in the comments below.

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