She-Hulk's Daredevil is Similar to Netflix's
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She-Hulk’s Daredevil is Similar to Netflix’s

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BY October 6, 2022

After an intense wait, we have finally seen Matt Murdock in the MCU, and yes, She-Hulk’s Daredevil is Similar to Netflix’s.

The Disney+ She-Hulk series featured the appearance of many cameos. Among these, we have Wong, Doctor Strange’s right-hand man. We also have Abomination, one of the main villains and rivals of his cousin Bruce Banner or Hulk. However, what fans were waiting for the most was the appearance of Daredevil.

We finally got to see him in chapter 8 of this series. We have enjoyed him in his two facets, lawyer and superhero, in its maximum splendor. This appearance has served as an appetizer to see the tone that may have the series Daredevil: Born Again. In this chapter, we can see the tone, appearance, and characteristics Kevin Feige will give the character in the MCU.

She-Hulk’s Daredevil is Similar to Netflix’s

She-Hulk-Daredevil Image: Disney+

One of the doubts that exist at the moment is whether this reboot of Daredevil will be very different from the Netflix version. Remember that this series on the fringes of the MCU is one of the best-rated Marvel series. So many fans expect a reboot that goes in the same line. Charlie Cox, who gives life to the character, commented that he did not know much about the plot, but he sensed it would be a new beginning. It is also added to the statements made by Feige, who said it would not be a continuation of the Netflix series.

From these statements, we can extrapolate that the series will be a reboot and will not continue with the plot shown in the three Netflix seasons. However, what was shown by the character in She-Hulk, makes us think that Daredevil will retain several features he showed in the previous release.

She-Hulk’s Daredevil is Similar to Netflix’s as it retains its sense of humor, although it also has dark moments. In terms of action, he keeps the same fighting style as in his previous appearances. However, we could see some upgrades in terms of his agility. 

Charlie Cox's Daredevil Image via Marvel Entertainment

We know from the series that the designer of his suit will not be Melvin Potter but it will be Luke Jacobson. Despite this change, his suit will have a similar design to the one used in the Netflix version. The only difference is the color shades, red and yellow. The reason for these colors may be that she seeks to honor her deceased father, who wore a robe with these colors.

Another aspect that shows that She-Hulk’s Daredevil is similar to Netflix’s is the flirtatiousness of the character. In Netflix, he had relationships with several women, including Karen Page and Claire Temple. In She-Hulk, you can notice how Murdok flirts with Jen and uses the technique of listening to her heart. Following this, you know how it ends if you saw the episode. 

Review of She-Hulk’s Episode 8: Ribbit and Rip It

she hulk fights daredevil Image: Disney+

In the beginning, we see both lawyers on opposite poles of a case related to the superhero world. The courtroom scene is masterful. In it, we see Matt Murdock bring out his heavy artillery from his side as a jurist. 

On the prosecution side, Jen goes against the costume designer, Luke Jacobson, accused of making a shoddy costume for Eugene Patillio / Leap-Frog. We have Murdock, who dismantles Frog’s argument with a couple of pleadings on the defense side. In addition, thanks to his sense of smell, he reveals that the character used fuel not recommended for the suit, which caused the accident.

Soon after, Eugene (Leap-Frog) kidnaps the suit designer to make him a better and more modern one. This resulted in both lawyers joining forces, one as Daredevil and Jen as She-Hulk. We got to see She-Hulk ask Matt Murdock if this was called Daredevil, which he affirmed. We also heard the background song from the Netflix series as the hero donned the suit.

The scene of Luke’s rescue denoted that they both do things differently since Jen wanted the direct and loud way (Hulk style), while Murdock preferred a silent and stealthy style. In the end, Daredevil’s method was applied, which generated a fight in the dark, which is usual for Daredevil. However, Jen would put an end to it, breaking the ceiling and doing some smashing.

Finally, the episode takes an unexpected turn. A video of She-Hulk having intimate relations is shown at the Best Lawyer awards gala. This public humiliation causes her to lose control, leading the heroine to the fury of the original Hulk for the first time. 

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