Sandman Season 2, Neil Gailman Talks About This New Installment
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Sandman Season 2, Neil Gailman Talks About This New Installment

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BY April 20, 2023

Netflix’s rules for guaranteeing a second season to its productions are getting stricter. One of the series that has passed this filter of the streaming giant was Sandman, which has just confirmed a season 2. Morpheus series will have a second part, according to statements by writer Neil Gaiman. He was responsible for writing the comics that were the series’ basis and even writing the script in its first part.

In a conversation on social media, Gailman commented that this series will have a new season. The writer commented with fans on various aspects of the character, such as the mask he wears and one of his three items of power. Others commented on how they loved the series and looked forward to more. From what we know so far, Netflix will please them.

Neil Gaiman Confirms Sandman Season 2

The Sandman': Release Date, Trailer, Characters, Cast Photos and More - Netflix Tudum Image: Netflix

The Sandman comics writer is also the script author for the first part of Netflix’s Sandman. He commented on the development of the second season. On his Tumblr social media, the creative said that it was already in production, that the script was ready, and they were looking for actors to start the filming process.

In Gaiman’s conversation with his followers, he clarified some details about the character. He also answered some of their questions and thanked them for the support and congratulations he received for the show. Many fans commented on the powerful plot of Sandman and their desire to see a season 2 of this series.

Sandman Image: Neil Gailman Tumblr

In the conversation, Gaiman emphasized that everything was gearing up for the development of this new season, introducing the King of Dreams, Morpheus again, in his fantasy world. The writer did not comment much about it, but other users were excited to confirm this Sandman season 2.

The news has surprised many since Netflix is increasingly strict with the results to continue with the series. However, this series was very well received, with Rotten Tomatoes scores of 87% from critics and 80% from the general public. In addition, the ratings were excellent.

What Could we see in the Second Season of King of Dreams?

The Sandman Netflix Poster, Trailer, Release Date and More - HIGH ON CINEMA Image: Netflix

There is a lot of uncertainty about Sandman season 2 at this point. However, there are several rumors. So that we can take some facts that we saw in the first part, we can speculate some scenarios. One of the rumors is the confrontation between Morpheus and some of the other kings.

In this story, multiple kings are considered divinities and brothers with Sandman, or at least have some relationship with him. There are two that, by the end, give to suppose a confrontation with Sandman, the first being Lucifer, the King of Death or Hell.

Morpheus challenged the demons to recover one of his divine treasures. These gave him supernatural strength. In this battle, he had to face Lucifer himself. However, at the end of the first season, we see how he plans a war against the kingdom of Morpheus and even the other immortals.

Another confrontation that seems latent in Sandman season 2 is against his brother, the immortal of desire. In several parts of the story, this one has certain hostility against Sandman and even comments that he wants to cause much pain. This gives us to suppose another possible confrontation between the two.

A possibility that also sounds a lot is the union of these two beings as a result of the grudge they have. An alliance to destroy or take over the Dream Realm is also an option for this Sandman season 2

Likewise, likely, Morpheus is not alone. Apart from his helpers, he may have other entities that serve as support. For example, in the first part, we see how he receives the help of the descendant of John Constantine and may appear again. The appearance of other characters from the comics related to the occult is also possible.

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