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Ryan Murphy’s Dahmer: Behind The Scenes 

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BY December 13, 2022

After the great success of Ryan Murphy’s ‘Dahmer’, which premiered on Netflix just weeks ago, the executive producer sat down for an interview with Netflix. He openly talked about all things Dahmer. This includes his favorite scenes, discussing casting choices, as well as the most difficult parts of filming this gorry show. 

Previously known for producing American Horror Story, ‘Ratched’, ‘American Crime Story’, ‘The Watcher’, and even ‘9-1-1’, Ryan Murphy stepped up his game with his new Netflix show titled ‘Dahmer’. Let’s dive into the creative process behind Ryan Murphy’s ‘Dahmer’.

Casting for Ryan Murphy’s ‘Dahmer’

Right off the bat, the first question they asked in the latest Netflix interview is to explain his casting choices. ‘There were many great contenders for the main role. I just kept thinking: ‘If only Evan would do this’…’, Ryan explained. In addition to Evan’s amazing acting talent, Murphy and Evan Peters have been working together since 2011. Evan’s career took off after he joined ‘American Horror Story’, so these two have many years of working together. 

Moreover, Evan also went into detail about his role as Jeffrey Dahmer. While I can’t even imagine what it feels like to portray a serial killer, Evan explained how this is the most difficult and most disturbing part he ever accepted so far. That being said, Evan’s work in Ryan Murphy’s ‘Dahmer’ has been highly praised. Ryan Murphy also expressed his recognition of Evan’s hard work, saying ‘He really committed to the role in an astonishing way’

Ryan Murphy's 'Dahmer' ‘Dahmer’, photo by Netflix

Dahmer Casting Crew

In addition to explaining his casting choices, Ryan went on to express his gratitude towards the whole crew. ‘I didn’t direct any of the episodes. That was out of my comfort zone. It took a long time to get the show made. I wanted to have new people, and I wanted to have the people whose work I love. That includes our amazing cinematographer, directors, and the entire crew behind ‘Dahmer’. This was an opportunity for me to let go’, Ryan said in the interview. 

Murphy pointed out the significance of stepping back and looking at the work, rather than taking part in every episode. On top of that, Ryan dove into the choices made by the cinematographers and the director team. 

This includes the selection of the color scheme. Fun fact: Ryan Murphy’s ‘Dahmer’ used the original police evidence and photos from the crime scenes to create the correct color scheme, as well as the entire atmosphere in the show. 

Ryan Murphy’s ‘Dahmer’ is approaching 1B hours of viewership on the Netflix platform. His comment on why he thinks the show is so popular was: ‘I think ‘Dahmer’ was released at the time when viewers were seeking something that’s more anxious than the world they are facing every day.’

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