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Rick And Morty Anime Spin-off Announced

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BY May 18, 2022

The successful animated series Rick and Morty will also have a Japanese-style anime spin-off. Many of us have enjoyed these characters in Adult Swim with every episode. Now, we will also have an anime version.

The new series will be called Rick and Morty: The Anime. This remastering of the series will have ten long episodes under Takashi Sano’s supervision. Sano has already directed Rick and Morty vs. Genocider and Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil), two thriving anime shorts that yielded over 10 million reproductions on the Adult Swim platform. 

Telecom Animation Film will be in charge of the series. Adult Swim has ordered other Rick and Morty spin-offs, but these will have a digital short format, while Rick and Morty: The Anime will be an entire series. Let’s see what else this new Rick and Morty spin-off has in store.  

Rick and Morty Spin-Off 

A new anime version of Rick and Morty is in the works. In this version, the Japanese aesthetics will predominate. This spin-off will have ten episodes filled with chaos, family feuds, and even adventures in the multi-universe. 

Rick And Morty poster. Image via Adult Swim

Takashi Sano remarked on what this product will be like, detailing the following: “The multiverse-straddling exploits of Rick and the gang pose challenges to the family bond, but they always rise to the occasion.” He also mentioned how he feels about leading the filming, “It’s such a life-affirming sight, and Jerry is no exception. I am honored to have been given an opportunity to tell a new story about this amazing family. I hope you enjoy their adventures!”

Fans React to the Announcement 

Fans of this series reacted to the new Rick and Morty anime spin-off announcement. They used Twitter to express their mixed emotions. Some said they are looking forward to the release of this show, while others said Adult Swim should focus on the new season of the series. 

Some fans pointed out that this new version could improve the series even more. Others said they hope that this spin-off does not modify the plot of the series. Lastly, others claimed that they expect improvements in the graphics and the action in this new anime version.

In all cases, fans are feeling anxious waiting for season 6. Many want to know what will happen with Evil Morty and the fights in the Multiverse after season five ending.  

Rick and Morty Season 4 premiere couch Image via Adult Swim

The new Rick and Morty spin-off will be a Japanese-style anime version. With ten long-duration episodes, they will show the characters differently, although it is not known if Takashi Sano will also change the plot. 

Another spin-off Adult Swim announced was The Vindicators. It is an animated series focused on the superheroes introduced in Rick and Morty’s season three. In the meantime, fans are waiting for the 6th season of the show, which has not been announced yet. We may have to wait and enjoy these spin-offs until we have an announcement for a new season, and we hope it’s not the last.

Fans can’t help but wonder what could be taking so long to announce Rick and Morty’s season six? When will they release it? The answer is in Adult Swim’s hands, but hopefully, we’ll know soon.

Featured Image via Adult Swim

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