The Boys Season 2 Episode 7 Review Is About The Heroes And Villains
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Review: Season 2 Episode 7 Of The Boys Continues Finding Messed Up Parallels Between Its Heroes & Villains

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BY October 4, 2020

Season 2 of The Boys is getting incredibly interesting. The new season started off focusing on the big explode-y action bits, but the second half is getting super deep. Ok, I promise to lay off the superhero puns. In this The Boys season 2 episode 7 review, I’ll show you exactly how the crux of the series really is its characters, more than the shocking superhero moments it markets the show with. And yes, I’m referring to the super penis from episode 6. That’s the last one, I swear. 

Note: The following The Boys season 2 episode 7 review will feature spoilers. Check out my reviews of the initial episodes before you dive into this one. 

The Boys Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

The Boys season 2 episode 7 review Lamplighter Image via Amazon Prime Video.

The last episode was all about the revelation of Sage Grove, a hospital where Vought did Compound V experiments on full grown adults to create instant superheroes. With the facility destroyed and the former Seven hero Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore) in custody, the downfall of the bad guys could be at hand. Lamplighter was the infamous hero that killed Mallory’s (Laila Robins) grandchildren, which is what originally disbanded the Boys years ago. Remoreseful and in a self pitying stupor, Lamplighter is now willing to testify against Vought and their illegal practices. However, when Hughie (Jack Quaid) discovers that Vought found out about Starlight’s betrayal and captured her, he enlists Lamplighter’s help to rescue her. From Vought headquarters, because, that’s going to go so well. 

While the rest of the Boys crew try to get more evidence against Vought to secure their position at the hearing in front of Congress. In between this, we get serious insight into Butcher’s (Karl Urban) personal life as he gets a visit from dear old Mum and Dad. Their visit gives a revelatory look into the mind of Butcher and his origins. Afterward, Butcher then goes to interrogate Vogelbaum, the man who raised Homelander (Antony Starr) to become the psychotic man that he is.

And during it all, Homelander and Stormfront’s messed up relationship gets even more messed up as he introduces her to his son. And even more importantly, Becca (Shantel VanSanten), Butcher’s wife and mother of Homelander’s son. Things get heated as Homelander reveals to his son the lies about his fake life, and ends up taking him away from Becca.

How The Boys Season 2 Episode 7 Review Goes Deep Into The Characters

The Boys season 2 episode 7 review guests. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

Butcher Sr. (John Noble) was an abusive father who tried to make his sons tough, resulting in the suicide of Butcher’s younger brother. This sequence is also where we realize, more solidly, that Hughie is actually very much like Butcher’s little brother, which is probably why he keeps him around. It’s kinda sweet, and super tragic when you see what a sore spot his brother’s suicide is for him. Things become even more insightful during Butcher’s talk with Vogelbaum, who delves into Homelander’s childhood. 

Apparently, the psycho Super was a sweet little boy, who became messed up after Vogelbaum pushed him to become the strongest superhero ever. Sound familiar? Butcher definitely recognizes the parallels between him and the man he hates, Homelander, not his father. But what’s also interesting now, is that Homelander has his own son in custody, and will, presumably attempt to make him into as big a douche as he is. With Stormfront (Aya Cash) in tow, providing the motherly love that she’s shown so far this season. Yea, right.

The Bright Light In This Dark The Boys Universe

The Boys season 2 episode 7 review hearing. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

While everyone else is running around figuring out dark revelations about themselves, the sweet love-story of The Boys season 2 remains firmly with Annie and Hughie. Despite Annie basically dumping Hughie in the last episode, after the typical ‘I need to do this alone’ loner speech, they still love each other. Or so it seems. After Hughie’s plan inadvertently succeeds, Starlight frees herself from Vought’s clutches, and they run into one another during their escape. There’s a very obvious moment between the two where they exchange goofy romantic looks at one another, before coming back to reality and running for their lives again. 

The optimism and naivete of both Hughie and Annie is really the compass of this show. Both characters act as the audience proxy for a show this outrageous and extraordinary. They’re both astounded by everything that’s happening around them, realizing they are completely out of their depth and still pushing themselves to do the right thing. And their love-story just makes sense. This is why it’s also concerning because shows like this rarely let their characters be happy. Especially when the audience gets attached to them. Case in point, Maeve’s girlfriend leaving her this episode after finding out the truth about Homelander’s murderous ways, and Maeve’s complicity in them. 

Note: The next paragraph will feature heavy spoilers about the ending of The Boys season 2 episode 7. 

The Episode Ends With A Bang!

The Boys season 2 episode 7 review explode Image via Screen Grab.

The Boys season 2 is seemingly just as, if not stronger, than season 1. As we’re getting a deeper look into the characters, the core strength does really seem to be about what makes these guys tick, rather than any external plot points moving the story forward. The episode ends with literal bangs, as all key witnesses and political figures at the hearing have their heads exploded, one by one. It’s the same way that Raynor was killed earlier in the season premiere. What’s more worrying is how Homelander and Stormfront are just as surprised as the Boys as to the buckets of blood around them.

We’ll have to wait until next week find out who’s going around mucking things up even more. Stay tuned to Comic Years for more recaps and reviews of the remaining episodes of Season 2.

All 7 episodes of The Boys season 2 are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

How are you liking the new season of The Boys so far? Let me know in the comments below. 

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