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Project Blue Book Cancellation Prompts Fan Petition

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BY June 21, 2020
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Although it might have escaped your notice, the History Channel canceled a couple of shows last month. One of them was the Knights Templar drama Knightfall, while the other was Project Blue Book. As the latter ended on a cliffhanger and has a respectable fanbase, news of the Project Blue Book cancellation spurred fans into action.

What’s Project Blue Book and Why Was It Canceled?

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For more of an in-depth look at Project Blue Book, see my primer for season 2. Basically, though, it’s a fictional show that draws its inspiration from the real-life Project Blue Book, an Air Force investigation into flying saucers. Man, the government used to be a lot more loose. Aidan Gillen (from The Wire and Game of Thrones, of course) stars as a version of J. Allen Hynek, the actual astrophysicist who worked on the project. Michael Malarkey (The Vampire Diaries) is Captain Michael Quinn, a character based on IRL Air Force Captain Edward J. Ruppelt.

Together, they solve mysteries! Or, uh, try to. They investigate reports of strange phenomena, like hovering lights in the sky or flying discs. Most of the time, there are easy explanations, but they keep hoping. They seemed like they were getting closer than ever, but then–again–season 2 ended on a cliffhanger.

As for why the History Channel canceled the show, that’s unclear. All we really know is that the network chose not to order a third season. The studio that produces the show, however, is apparently still game to continue. According to The Mercury News, showrunner David “O’Leary recently told TV Guide that A&E Studios is ‘gung-ho and wants to make a third season.'” That means, of course, that other networks and platforms could pick up the show if fan efforts succeed.

Fans React to Project Blue Book Cancellation

As they often do in times like these, the fans of Project Blue Book have come together to try and save the show. The first and perhaps most notable effort is a fan-driven petition. This would seem to have the support of the cast itself, as Malarkey tweeted a link to it and posted about it on his Instagram.

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#SaveBlueBook! We are as bemused as you. We have a top-quality show with great ratings and a rapidly expanding international following. We are playing in over 200 countries not to mention we are the Number One New Drama Series on cable. We have the ratings, we have a passionate and invested team who have Season 3 (probably even 4) ready to go! This is one of those unfortunate situations where the nextwork has bowed out of ongoing scripted content. It’s nothing to do with us. That’s the fucker of it. We all want to continue. Everyone involved in the show INCLUDING THE STUDIO wants to continue. This is where YOU come in. As Project Blue Book is meeting with networks and streaming services during this time, every little signature and ‘petty’ little tweet can make a difference. SIGN THE PETITION and make some noise on your socials with the hashtag #SaveBlueBook and hopefully it’ll give us some extra leverage to get this show a new home! LINK TO PETITION IN BIO! 🙏🏽 #aidangillen #michaelmalarkey #ProjectBlueBook

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Other fan efforts include requesting the title at Netflix. As the streamer has picked up canceled shows before, it’s not a bad idea. I, for one, enjoy watching two Scullys chase after maybe aliens and would like to continue.

Would you also like to see more Project Blue Book? Make contact and let us know here or on social media.

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And uh, can we also save Single Parents while we’re at it?

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