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Starz Gives Us A Renewal for Season 7 of Outlander To Adapt “An Echo In The Bone” and “Written In My Own Hearts Blood”

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BY March 26, 2021

There is a term for the long wait that Outlander fans have to endure between books/seasons: Droughtlander. And the current Droughtlander situation is even worse right now due to production shutdowns in 2020. However, some good news for Sassenachs everywhere as Starz announced a renewal for Outlander season 7. Currently the time-travel period drama is filming its sixth season in Scotland.

Outlander Will Move Up Storylines From Later Books

Outlander Season 7 Renewal Echo In The Bone Image via Penguin Random House

Season 5 of Outlander moved up storylines from the sixth book A Breath of Snow and Ashes. So that means the upcoming season will adapt the 7th book in the series: An Echo In The Bone. Following this, a renewal for season 7 of Outlander means that it will adapt book 8: Written In My Own Heart’s Blood. Notably, the eighth book was the last published by author Diana Gabaldon in 2014.

Gabaldon is currently working on the ninth book in the series. That novel will be titled Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. The author reports that she is almost finished with this installment. And hopefully it will see publication before the show catches up. Gabaldon has 10 books planned for the Outlander series, so we are getting close to the end both in the show and the books.

Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Remain Committed To Jamie & Claire

Outlander Season 7 Renewal Outlander Season 5 Trailer Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser and Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in Outlander | Image via Starz

The stars of Outlander have taken on new responsibilities with season 6. Both Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are now executive producers on the show. And their impact on the storylines is notable. Actress Sophie Turner who plays Jamie & Claire’s adult daughter Brianna recently revealed that Balfe fought hard to keep the female characters on the show from falling into tired tropes. Turner says: “That’s one thing that I know Caitriona really fought for was to make sure that the women weren’t all batting off each other—that Marsali and Brianna weren’t fighting for Claire’s attention or anything like that.”

Outlander Season 5 Outlander Season 7 Renewal Image via Starz

Balfe also recently spoke about the way her character took a backseat to other storylines in season 5, and how she also fought to include more scenes with the primary couple of Jamie and Claire. A season 7 renewal for Outlander means there is plenty more Jamie & Claire to come.

“Last season was a difficult season for everyone. It was very transitory—we were in a new location as a show and there was a lot of forward momentum. We didn’t really get to sit and spend time with these characters, and the writers heard that. They worked hard this season, and Sam and I definitely pushed for more of these intimate-without-just-being-sexual moments.”

In a recent interview, actor Sam Heughan who plays Jamie Fraser spoke about the upcoming season of Outlander.

“I think why we love Outlander is the fact that this couple still is deeply in love with each other and still marvel in that love. It’s definitely something we all aspire to, and wish we could have ourselves. Jamie and Claire have been together a long time now and we get to see them be a bit more domestic in Season 6. It’s nice to sit with them for an hour of every episode and just see how good they are together.”

No More Rape In Outlander (Please)

Outlander Has A Rape Problem Outlander Season 7 Renewal Image via Starz

Season 5 ended with a traumatic storyline featuring the main character Claire (Caitriona Balfe). So much so that fans began to notice Outlander has a problem with rape and how they use it in the story. The upcoming seasons will deal with the fallout of those events, and see Claire struggling to heal and return to life as normal. (Whatever “normal” means for Jamie and Claire.) Having read the entire series, I am relieved to report that this is the last of the “rape as plot device” storylines from the books. (That is assuming they will not be bringing the ‘false rape accusations’ storyline from book 6. The character involved in that storyline has not been introduced in the show. And her role as Claire’s apprentice in the books has instead been filled by Marsali so I’m hoping that plot is being cut out entirely.)

In an interview, Caitriona Balfe spoke out about how she questioned whether or not the show needed to include the traumatic event that Claire found herself enduring in the season 5 finale. She said that she understands that it was part of Claire’s character arc, but she is very protective of the character. “What I’m interested in is how we continue on from this and explore her recovery, because that’s incredibly important,

What To Expect From Season 6 & 7 For Outlander

Outlander The Fiery Cross Outlander Season 7 Renewal Image via Starz

So what can we expect from seasons 6 & 7 of Outlander, now that the series has been granted a renewal? Without giving too many spoilers, I can say that we will see more time-travel over the next couple of seasons. The show will also likely shift focus to Brianna and Roger, as their storylines in the upcoming books get more exciting.

A new primary cast member will also likely join Outlander at some point in season 6. The adult version of William (who is Jamie’s secret son) will eventually get his own storyline to explore. This storyline will bring us more Lord John Grey, who has raised William as his own son.

The time period of the upcoming seasons will also see the beginning of the Revolutionary War. And the Fraser clan finds themselves embroiled in yet another war for freedom. Several notable historical figures will likely make an appearance in the upcoming seasons, including a young George Washington. Will Brianna and Claire’s knowledge of the future help the family weather this storm? You’ll have to tune in to Outlander to find out.

Will We See Outlander Spin-Offs?

Outlander Season 7 Renewal Lord John Lord John & Jamie Fraser | Photo by Aimee Spinks via Starz

There has also been talk of Outlander spin-offs from Starz. Although this is just speculation right now, the network could easily make a series about Lord John Grey. Gabaldon has written several novellas and short stories about the fan-favorite character.

There is already one unofficial Outlander spin-off currently airing on Starz: Men in Kilts is a road-trip documentary series featuring Outlander stars (and real Scotsmen) Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish. The two journey around their homeland exploring the culture, traditions, music, and geography of Scotland. Men in Kilts is currently airing Sunday nights on Starz.

Men In Kilts Outlander Season 7 Renewal Image via Starz

There is no news yet on when the upcoming season of Outlander will premiere on Starz. But we are glad to know that the show’s future is secure at least as far as season 7. To stay up to date on all your genre news, be sure to follow Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today.

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