Nightwing And Red Hood Fight For Keeps In Titans Episode
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Nightwing And Red Hood Fight For Keeps In Latest Titans Episode

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BY October 8, 2021

Everything from soup to nuts about last week’s episode of Titans was questionable. From the decisions the characters made to the decisions made by the storytellers, an entire season of great story was almost derailed. The Titans are trying to pick up the pieces, and things are picking up speed towards the season finale. The highlight of this episode of Titans is the fight between Nightwing and Red Hood. Both brothers go into the battle ready to end the other. Yet, the highlight of the episode is what’s going on with Jonathan Crane, and the battle he’s fighting against, well, Scarecrow. The pitfalls created last week continue this week a little, as one character continues to make questionable decisions. Even more frustrating, just as the Titans were starting to work as a group, they’ve all been separated again.

We all knew, episode after episode, that another fight between Nightwing and Red Hood was on the horizon. However, the past episodes suggested that Curran Walter’s Jason Todd started to recognize the error of his ways. He made a deal with the devil, and as one does in that situation regrets it. Whether Red Hood regressed or is simply trapped is not clear. Still, even with the ambiguity and confusion about the hard left in story direction, the show remains incredibly entertaining.

Spoilers for the episode below.

The Fight Between Nightwing and Red Hood Is Not the Most Interesting One In This Titans Episode

Nightwing Red Hood Fight Titans Episode Raven Gar Beast Boy teagan-croft-ryan-potter

Brendon Thwaites’ Dick Grayson continues to make questionable decisions in the wake of his disastrous plan to surrender to the police. Last week Savannah Welch’s Commissioner Gordon was arrested after shooting a cop to save Nightwing. How the entire Gotham City Police Department since fell under the control of Crane is also unclear. Still, the cops are the threat now. Citizens trying to survive the mass poisoning are, apparently, about to be attacked by these corrupt police. It’s all very messy, and the Titans are again spread thin and separated.

Yet, the most compelling part of the episode is Jonathan Crane’s battle to become “free” of the Scarecrow. Vincent Kartheiser may or may not have been trouble on the set, but his performance is working well in the show. Crane is equally pathetic and menacing. He’s getting comfortable in Wayne Manor, but he’s not where he wants to be. After he takes a hapless pizza delivery man hostage, he tries to inflict as much fear as the Scarecrow could. Yet, he can’t bring himself to harm the man. It’s not until the end of the episode that we see how he’s able to overcome this mental block. Using a straight razor, he disfigured himself. He’s not wearing the Scarecrow mask, but rather has transformed his own visage into something horrifying.

Lastly, Conor Leslie’s Donna Troy and Jay Lycurgo’s Tim Drake team up to help defend the city. The latter is not yet suiting up as Robin, but he is helping Wonder Girl find her friends. She will likely show up to rescue Nightwing, who we last saw being pummeled by Gothamites. Also, Teagan Croft’s Rave is a full-on Jedi, using her powers like we’ve not seen before. As the team comes together, this will get very interesting indeed.

Nightwing Red Hood Fight Titans Episode Raven Gar Beast Boy teagan-croft-ryan-potter conor-leslie-jay-lycurgo

Titans debuts new episodes on HBOMax each Thursday.

What did you think of this latest Titans episode, and do you think that was the last fight between Nightwing and Red Hood? Tell us your thoughts, theories, and hopes for the finale in the comments below.

All images by Ben Mark Holzberg via HBOMax.

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