New Superman And Lois Trailer Shows A Family Drama
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Superman And Lois Trailer Focuses More On The Family Drama Than A New Superhero Story

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BY February 10, 2021

We’ve seen all kinds of Superman stories in the character’s decades-long history. In the comics. While the live-action Superman content has been pretty limited in their visions, there’s been a lot of those as well. From TV to movies there are countless versions of the Man Of Steel. But very few of them depict the other aspect of the world’s most iconic hero, his family life. But that is exactly the focus of The CW’s new DC Comics series. The new Superman And Lois trailer shows us just how the new show is all about family, instead of the superheroics. 

Bringing Superman’s Past To The Present

new Superman and Lois trailer hero. Image via Warner Bros. TV.

Superman’s past was always part of his origin story. The strongest superhero in the world needed to have a foundation of ethics and morality, provided by simple parents from rural America. So that aspect of Superman’s origin story is in almost every iteration of the character. But the new Superman And Lois trailer shows us the other side of that with Superman himself having to be the parent. 

The new trailer comes from the new CW series Superman And Lois, spinning off from Supergirl. The new show sees the infamous superhero couple leave their urban life behind for a more quiet farming life, returning to Clark’s hometown of Smallville. But they couldn’t leave it all behind, as the tensions of their own family and other problems follow them here. The show is all about the world’s most iconic superhero dealing with family life on a smaller scale. 

The New Superman And Lois Trailer Has A Lot Of Heart

new Superman and Lois trailer villain. Image via Warner Bros. TV.

The new trailer opens Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) debating where or not to tell their teenage sons about his secret identity. It looks like they eventually decide to reveal the secret which has some consequences. While trying to justify his decision to General Sam Lane, Lois’ father, Lane counters saying that this might tear his family apart. Tensions are high and the stakes feel just as high as the usual world-ending villains Superman deals with. 

That’s probably the most interesting part of the series to me, personally. Most superhero shows have to find a balance between the larger than life, and the ordinary. Trying to find ways to humanize a hero with powers, by putting them in everyday situations that audiences can relate to. Whereas, it’s the opposite with Superman. The character’s background itself was always ordinary. Raised with small-town values, Clark Kent is often accused of being a ‘simpleton’ due to his idealism and optimism. So to taking the character back to those roots and making that the focus of the story is very intriguing. 

Superman And Lois premieres on February 23 on The CW. 

Featured image via Warner Bros. TV. 

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