New Stargirl Teaser Trailer Reveals Potentially Sentient Starman Staff
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New Stargirl Teaser Trailer Reveals Potentially Sentient Starman Cosmic Staff

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BY February 6, 2021

The new Stargirl teaser trailer reveals an interesting angle of the new series. After many iterations in animation and live-action, the DC Comics superhero is getting her own show. The CW’s newest Arrowverse series will be Stargirl starring Brec Bassinger. With the series premiere imminent, the new Stargirl teaser trailer showcases her weapon of choice,  but one that has a mind of its own? 

Stargirl Is The CW’s Newest Arrowverse Superhero Series

new Stargirl teaser trailer comics Image via DC Comics

Arrow was the original series that kickstarted this amazing and wonderful shared universe. With Arrow now completed, the fate of any new shows seem, uncertain to say the least. There was news about a spin-off in Green Arrow and the Canaries, but there’s been a lack of confirmation on that front. But with The CW’s Stargirl, there seems to be some hope on the horizon. Especially seeing how Stargirl looks unlike any of the other Arrowverse shows. In fact, she’s not technically part of the Arrowverse. At the end of the Crisis On Infinite Earths event, they showed a clip from Stargirl, which takes place on the post-Crisis Earth-2. 

How Stargirl Teaser Trailers Are Positioning Her For A ‘New Generation’ Of Audiences

new Stargirl teaser trailer stripe Image via The CW

All the new Stargirl teaser and full-length trailers, have a familiar tagline: A new generation of justice. This is because Stargirl is the only CW series that features a legacy storyline. What I mean by that, is that it’s already a world where superheroes exist. But our story begins when a new hero takes over the mantle of a former hero, embracing and continuing his legacy. 

This is different when it comes to superheroes shows because origins are usually the preferred format for this genre. With legacy stories that have a built-in world and story even before the pilot episode, fans can feel left out or alienated from the story. This is even more so the case with TV or movie adaptations of comic book properties. They usually run the risk of the casual viewer feeling like the story is too inside-baseball for them. But Stargirl being the legacy of another hero as its premise, actually makes sense. 

The Evolution of The CW Superhero Show That Refreshes Itself with Stargirl 

new Stargirl teaser trailer poster. Image via The CW

Arrow was a dark and brooding world where a hero fought the darkness with his own. Then came The Flash, a much brighter and lighthearted superhero story. Supergirl brought it’s innovative and refreshing stories of female empowerment and friendships. Legends Of Tomorrow was an outrageous and off the wall adventure series with a changing roster of DC Comics characters. Then, Black Lightning was the first to have a story like Stargirl’s. A world where the hero existed before the Pilot episode. The story began when a retired hero had to get back into the game. Stargirl will feature a similar premise, but one that sees the mantle passing from an older hero to a new generation. 

The Arrowverse has been around for so long, that it almost feels like forever. I myself have young daughters who have essentially grown up with these stories. But as the characters grow from 2o-somethings to 30-somethings, their stories are becoming less relatable. At least for a younger audience. And that’s where Stargirl could revitalize the franchise. It’s a story of a teen getting powers beyond her comprehension. And then having her start her own team of other, younger heroes, could be a great hook for a new market. Not to mention still keeping the classic comics fans, like myself, engaged with new iterations of iconic comic book characters. An idea that is very comic book at its heart.

Stargirl Teaser Trailer Showcases A New Angle For The Series

Stargirl is a relatively new character within DC Comics. Comic Years’ own Taylor Bauer provides a comprehensive history of Stargirl. But The character was created by Geoff Johns, modeled after his late sister. The series adapts most of the comic book origins of the character. A young girl named Courtney discovers the suit of the superhero Starman. Taking his name, she turns to crime-fighting herself. She becomes Stargirl upon finding his Cosmic Staff. The Staff itself has a few powers, allowing the user to take flight and manipulate energy. 

The newest Stargirl teaser trailer shows that the live-action version of the staff could have a new ability. It’s possible that The CW’s Cosmic Staff may be sentient? In the teaser, Stargirl seems to imply that the staff has a mind of its own. Almost scolding it after it did something she wasn’t expecting. This reminds me of the same dynamic that the MCU’s Dr. Strange shares with his Cloak of Levitation. In the MCU, the Cloak seems like it’s sentient too, making decisions and sometimes acting of its own volition. If true, then this would be a great and funny element to the new show. Especially seeing how the series looks to be on its way to possibly creating a new shared superhero franchise for The CW, with a new Justice Society. 

Stargirl premieres on DC Universe on May 18, with its broadcast TV premiere on The CW on May 19. 

Are you excited about the new Stargirl series? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via The CW.

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