Sweet Home Trailer Is The Purge Meets The Raid Meets Superheroes?
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Netflix’s New Korean Horror Series Sweet Home Is The Purge Meets The Raid Meets A Superhero Story?

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BY December 11, 2020

Netflix is the place to go for the big-budget blockbusters, it seems like. But one of the best things about a streamer with a lot of content, are the smaller gems that you find from time to time. This time around, it’s a South Korean horror series, that comes from a webtoon with a very innovative and unique concept. The original Netflix Sweet Home trailer is a completely insane looking new horror series that combines a lot of familiar premises, in one extremely exciting new show. 

TW: The Sweet Home trailer does begin with talk of suicide. So please do not watch the trailer if that is a trigger for you. 

The Sweet Home Trailer Stars Slow But Gets Real Insane Real Quick

Manhwa Image via Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan.

The new Netflix series comes from an original South Korean webtoon called Sweet Home. The series is all about a young boy who is very unhappy with his life following a tragedy. However, things take an unexpected turn when something starts happening in the city around him. People start getting sick and eventually turning into monsters. What follows is how the boy, along with the residents of his apartment building, have to survive everyone around them slowly becoming literal monsters. 

The Sweet Home trailer is a mix of brutally gory horror along with some intense action sequences as well. The trailer is incredibly graphic and has people become infected with something before turning into monsters. The pandemic angle would seem very close to home given the current climate in the world. But the fact that the infected become these outrageously scary-looking creatures removes certain realism elements from it enough to not draw any parallels to reality. Unless it’s all a metaphor or something. 

Netflix’s New Korean Horror Series Looks Amazing

Sweet Home Trailer hero. Image via Netflix.

All in all, the Sweet Home trailer looks awesome. The very limited scope of the series focusing exclusively on the residents of an apartment building, as the infected and monstrous outside world try to infiltrate it, looks very familiar. It’s all about the cast being stuck in a building while the world around them goes to hell, which feels like The Purge. Mixed with having to move about only in this building to protect, fight, and survive is very reminiscent of The Raid. And the monsters are basically an extrapolation of the usual zombie movie taken to extremes. 

There is also an aspect of the series that feels—superhero-ish? The Sweet Home trailer shows the protagonist eventually get infected as well, but instead of turning into a monster like everyone else, he develops powers, it seems. And then uses his newfound abilities to help everyone fight the monsters and save the world. If you’re confused, so am I, but mine is in astonished wonderment that this is even a thing. I’m very excited about this series. 

Sweet Home premieres on Netflix on December 18. 

So are you down for an insane monster horror-action-thriller series? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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