Netflix Finally Sets Lucifer Season 5 (At Least, Part Of It) Release Date
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Netflix Finally Sets Lucifer Season 5 Release Date, But It’s Not All Good News

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BY June 22, 2020

23Ever since Lucifer debuted original episodes on Netflix, things have been going well for the Devil and the streamer. As we reported, they first added more episodes to the order for the ‘final’ season. Then we found out, via trouble in talks for Tom Ellis to renew his contract, that Netflix is all-but guaranteed to pick up the show for a sixth season. Yet, with all this going on behind-the-scenes, fans have waited over a year for new episodes. Well, Netflix finally revealed the Lucifer season 5 release date on their site.

However, along with the news that Lucifans’ wait is almost over, there is confirmation that they aren’t getting all of the season. When the fourth season debuted on the streamer, it’s first season not on network television, all of the episodes landed at once. The producers and cast encouraged fans to binge and tweet about the show. This time, however, the now-16-episode fifth season will be broken up into two halves. Netflix has done this before with shows, most notably the last season of Arrested Development.

So, it’s a kind of devil’s bargain for Netflix fans. They get more of their favorite fallen angel, but fewer episodes. And, after waiting 15 months, the wait for part two could be excruciating. (Though, an announcement that season 6 is in the works could be a palliative. Or make it worse, who’s to say?)

The Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 Release Date on Netflix Is Still Some Time Away

Lucifer Sesaon 5 First Look and Episode Titles First Half Ladies Night Image by Aimee Garcia, via Instagram

On Monday, people noticed that the banner for Lucifer on the app got an update revealing that season 5 part 1 has a release date of August 21, 2020. The show will likely be ready to stream at midnight Pacific Time and 3:00 a.m. Eastern. Fans can expect eight episodes.

Season 5 Part 1 Episode Titles

  • Episode 501 – “Really Sad Devil Guy”
  • Episode 502 – “Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!”
  • Episode 503 – “!Diablo!”
  • Episode 504 – “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken”
  • Episode 505 – “Detective Amenadiel”
  • Episode 506 – “BluBallz”
  • Episode 507 – “Our Mojo”
  • Episode 508 – “Spoiler Alert”

We don’t know much about what to expect, but we do know that episode 506 “BluBallz” is the annual “Ladies Night” episode where the women characters party and get into scrapes. We also know that Dennis Haysbert will guest on the show as the big deity, Dad himself. Though, our guess is he shows up at the end of part 1 of Lucifer season 5, and fans will have to wait until Netflix puts out a release date for part 2 to see his character for real.

Season 5 Part 2 Episode Titles

  • Episode 509 – “Family Dinner”
  • Episode 510 – “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam”
  • Episode 511 – “Resting Devil Face”
  • Episode 512 – “Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid”
  • Episode 513 – “A Little Harmless Stalking”
  • Episode 514 – “Nothing Lasts Forever”
  • Episode 515 – “Is This Really How It’s Going to End?!”
  • Episode 516 – “A Chance At a Happy Ending”

Though, if Lucifer gets picked up for season 6—again, all but a certainty—one has to wonder if showrunner Ildy Modrovich and the rest of the storytellers will change that final episode. The show was supposed to end, and it would surprise (and disappoint) fans of the show if Lucifer and Lauren German’s Chloe Decker didn’t end up “together” in some way.

What do you think? Are you happy that Netflix finally revealed the release date for Lucifer season 5 part 1? Or do you want the whole season all at once? Tell us in the comments below.

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