Neil Gaiman Announces The Sandman Filming Start For Netflix
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Neil Gaiman Announces The Sandman Filming Start (Lockdown Permitting) For Netflix

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BY September 29, 2020

It was a little more than a year ago, in advance of Comic-Con 2019, that we learned Netflix would be bringing Morpheus of the Endless to life. At a time when DC and Warner Bros. seemed to be consolidating their streaming properties at DC Universe or the then-forthcoming HBO Max, it surprised many that Netflix won this series after making a substantial licensing deal. This week, Neil Gaiman announced on Twitter that the start of filming for the Netflix Sandman series is about three weeks away. He, of course, added the caveat that lockdowns and other COVID-19 related problems don’t interfere with that. Nonetheless, the venerated author noted that the long-awaited adaptation finally began to “feel real.”

During the Sandman panel at DC FanDome, Gaiman spoke at length about how arduous a process it’s been to bring Sandman off of the comics page. One such effort started many, many years ago and resulted in the audiobook drama version of the story from Audible. The Sandman series for Netflix will be something else entirely. Of course, Gaiman already told the Sandman story over the many, many issues of the comic series. It’s a universe he still visits and, now, shares with other storytellers. Still, he’s written the scripts for this first season, and he even has an idea for the next season should Netflix pick it up. (And one has to imagine that for what they paid for it, they will.)

Of course, as excited as Sandman fans are about this, not all are optimistic about this series. Unfortunately, as with everything of late, backwards and divisive politics come into play. As a reply to his tweet, a Twitter “fan” made a plea to the author.

He wrote (all “sic”):

“Please Mr. Gaiman, don’t let Netflix ruin Sandman with their politically correct nonsense. After all, we pull Sandman! The universe that taught us to see dreams differently.”

Gaiman responded, but not in the way the fan surely hoped. “Got it,” he wrote. “So, you want a Sandman without the LGBT+ people who were in it, without the female lead characters, and without the people of colour? Are you sure it will still be Sandman once you’re through?” Themes of diversity and inclusion were obviously present in the original comic series which ran through 1989 to 1986.

So, we can expect a very diverse cast in this updated rendition of the Sandman story. Casting seems to be complete, though Gaiman said that the cast list is “still secret.” Either way, we all hope that the filming gets underway very soon and goes smoothly and safely.

Are you excited that Neil Gaiman announced the start of filming for the Netflix Sandman series? How many seasons do you think they’ll get? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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