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Ms. Marvel’s Connections To Spider-Man And Ant-Man

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BY June 16, 2022

Ms. Marvel‘s second episode highlighted connections to Spider-Man: No Way Home. These two chapters have been quite successful, not only with critics but with the general public. Its fresh plot also has youthful elements that young people certainly enjoy.

Another aspect fans love is how faithful the series is to the comic book. The heroine Kamala Khan is a teenager, and Disney also respected her Muslim ancestry and the culture she represents in the comic. It’s appealing to comic book fans who can see an authoritative production that didn’t change the most essential features of this character.  

Possible Ms. Marvel’s Connections

In Disney’s new Ms. Marvel series, some events could connect to other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

Connections With Spider-Man

The first connection between Ms. Marvel and the latest Spider-Man movie is the appearance of the Multiverse. Another connection in the second episode of Ms. Marvel is the presence of Agent P. Cleary, played by Arian Moayed, who also appears in Spider-Man: No Way Home interrogating different people after the Multiverse’s veil breaks.

Arian Moayed Image via Sony Pictures

A third scene that connects the two stories would be Ms. Marvel’s vision when she puts on the bracelet. When Kamala wears her family’s bracelet, she sees the Multiverse and alternate versions of people in it, just like the ones we saw in Spider-Man at the time. 

Ms Marvel Vision Image via Disney+

Links to Ant-Man

Ms. Marvel could connect to Ant-Man if you consider the Avengers: Back to Basics comic. The Multiverse opens the door to Kang the Conqueror’s appearance, a villain who tries to conquer all universes. In this storyline, Ms. Marvel travels to the past and meets the early version of the Avengers. They could work together if this version of the Avengers also includes Ant-Man. 

In the comic, we can detail an explanation of the heroine’s powers that seem like a combination of Mr. Fantastic and Ant-Man’s abilities. This considering that she can shape-shift and increase and decrease her size.

Kamala Khan Image via Marvel Comics

The powers were explained by Kamala’s friend, Bruno, who detailed that the ability to increase and decrease in size is due to the shared mass that different versions of the heroine have. That is to say that she grows in size using the matter of other Kamala when they decrease. She diminishes herself, giving her mass to other versions that are enlarging. This takes us back to the link between Spider-Man and Kamala’s Multiverse.

One last connection between these characters will be Kang, The Conqueror himself. This character meets Ms. Marvel when she travels to the past and he orchestrates Kamala’s mother’s death. Kang may also appear in the upcoming productions related to the Multiverse, including Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. His appearance connecting these two stories could initiate the battle against the conqueror of universes.    

Kang The Conqueror Image via Marvel Comics

At the moment, all these are only theories. Neither Disney nor Marvel have confirmed or denied these connections. However, there are too many coincidences to be ignored, and all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe connect somehow. We still have the rest of Ms. Marvel’s first season to confirm how Disney will link her story to the rest of the heroes in the MCU.

Ms. Marvel airs one episode per week on Wednesday on Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+

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