Ms. Marvel Lead Cast, Newcomer Actress Iman Vellani Nabs The Role
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Ms. Marvel Lead Cast, Newcomer Actress Iman Vellani Nabs Fan-Favorite Role

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BY July 9, 2021

There have been so many fantastic members of the Marvel team over the past few decades. From well-chosen directors to perfectly matched actors, the franchise continues to do a good job in the casting department. So, when a new actor gets chosen for a role, it’s a good reason to get excited! After months of eagerly awaiting new casting news from the folks behind the Ms. Marvel series at Disney+, we’ve finally gotten something to be excited about. The role of Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel herself, will go to newcomer and lead actress Iman Vellani.

Ms. Marvel Lead Actress Casting Introduces Us to New Actress Iman Vellani

Ms. Marvel Lead Actress Cast Iman Vellani Comics Image via Marvel Comics

The news of Iman Vellani casting comes from press reports, and not officially confirmed by Marvel Studios. Ms. Marvel is a fan-favorite character in the comics, and folks are eager to see her brought to life in her own Disney+ series. In fact, the character will almost certainly migrate to the big screen in an upcoming Avengers movie. Vellani is a newcomer, with no acting credits to her name until now. Fortunately, this means that we’ll be able to go into the series with a blank slate, which will help us see Vellani as the true hero that she is!

Other recent announcements for the series include behind-the-scenes additions, specifically Bisha K. Ali. Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, and Meera Menon who will all direct episodes.

The Exciting World of Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel Lead Actress Cast Iman Vellani Marvel's Avengers Image via Square Enix

Kamala Khan first appeared in the world of superheroes with Captain Marvel #14 back in 2013. Later, in 2014, her solo series began. She is known as the first Muslim character to headline a comic boo. Fans see her as a beacon of hope to those wanting to see more diversity in the comic book world. Of course, she’s also an incredibly fun character, portrayed as big of a fan of the Marvel heroes as the rest of us.

As far as her powers go, Khan is a polymorph. She is able to shapeshift her form in some pretty amazing ways, making her a formidable hero for someone so young. She got her powers thanks to her Inhuman genes. After going through a process known as terrigenesis.  Her hero name, Ms. Marvel, was inspired by Carol Danvers’ who went as Ms. Marvel in the comics. Later, when she was awarded the power of Captain Marvel (after the original Mar-Vell died), the name Ms. Marvel was up-for-grabs. We suspect that in the series, Khan will just take her name from Captain Marvel, the Ms. being her own spin on it.

Just like Khan looked up to Danvers, we’re sure that many young fans out there have been looking up to Khan. Hopefully the upcoming Disney+ series inspires even more people out there!

Now that the biggest piece of casting news for Ms. Marvel is out, we expect to spend a little bit longer waiting for any new news. No matter how long it takes, this series is one that we’re going to be looking forward to.

Readers, how do you feel about the casting news for the Ms. Marvel actress? Are there any other actors out there who you’d like to see join the project? Let us know in the comments or through our social media handles!

Featured image via Marvel Comics



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