MOTU: Revelation Part Two Review: A Satisfying Conclusion
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Review: Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part Two Is A Satisfying Conclusion That Stands Alone

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BY April 29, 2022

Remakes and reboots are all the rage. Fans of classic show or movie want the story to continue in a new way, and those who own these franchises want to still make money with them. The most recent example of this is Dexter: New Blood. Or even the new Saved By The Bell show, which reboots, but also keeps the original stories ‘canon.’ Girl Meets World also does something similar with its story. I’m not sure why I flashed back to those childhood after school and ABC Family Night shows. But the nostalgia feels appropriate given the show we’re here to talk about. Masters Of The Universe: Revelation (MOTU: Revelations from here on in) sequelizes the original animated show from the ’80s in an extremely creative and innovative way. Read on for my MOTU: Revelations part two review to find out if this Netflix original sticks the landing.

Please note: while this MOTU: Revelation part two review will be spoiler-free, I will have to spoil Revelation part 1 to do this review justice. Part 1 is now on Netflix, so check it out, or read my non-spoiler review before diving into this.

MOTU: Revelation Part 1 Recap

MOTU: Revelations Part Two Teela. Image via Netflix.

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation from creator Kevin Smith brings back the Mattel toy franchise, in its original animated iteration. While lots of other versions exist, it’s the original that Smith and his writers’ room make a sequel to. Arguably, the original was a little cheesy, with animation and performances that probably didn’t age well. At least, if you ask this current Fortnite and 3D animation-raised generation. But there was enough original source material there for Smith and friends to create a deeper world.

The story of Eternia, its protector the Sorceress and her champion, He-Man, captured the imaginations of many in those days. So, to bring it all back was ambitious. MOTU: Revelation part 1 turned the story on its head by killing He-Man and Skeletor in the first of five episodes. He-Man’s comrade-in-arms, Teela was the focus of these episodes. The story time jumped a few years into the future, where Eternia is devoid of magic. The dying Sorceress enlists the help of Teela, and her former mortal enemy Evil-Lynn, to try to bring magic back to the world in a new adventure.

Battling old foes and new ones, and losing friends like Orko, Teela and her crew make it to the afterlife, where they meet a deceased Adam. Adam returns to the land of the living, along with Teela and the Sword of Power. But before he can turn back into He-Man and save the day, part 1 ends with Skeletor also returning, stabbing Adam and claiming the power of Grayskull for himself!

How Part 1 Of MOTU: Revelation Created Backlash

MOTU: Revelations Part Two Lynn Image via Netflix.

The first part of Revelation didn’t sit well with a vocal minority of fans. Our managing Editor Joshua M. Patton recounts the controversy very well, so I won’t rehash it in this MOTU: Revelation part two review. But part two vindicates everyone involved in the show, as none of the claims by that minority ended up being true. The story continues in part two as the good guys have to deal with Skeletor’s (Mark Hamill) newfound power. Retreating back to their old allies, like the King of Eternia (Dennis Haysbert), and reuniting Adam with his family. As Teela, Cringer (Stephen Root), and everyone else focuses on the aftermath.

The main threat of MOTU: Revelation part two is how the evil villain finally has everything he’s ever wanted; power, strength and dominance over He-Man. This, is obviously a cause for concern for our heroes. But in the meantime, as a B-story, relationships need mending for almost every character in Masters Of The Universe: Revelation. Everyone, gets their own journey here. It’s the most amazing aspect of this part of the Revelation story. While there’s ample action and fighty fighty bits, as Kevin Smith calls it, there is also depth in the character development.

It honestly caught me off guard a little bit. So, in a way, not only did the events of part 1 create a backlash for audiences, but also for the characters. They have to mend, reconcile and emotionally overcome the fallout from those events themselves. And it’s kind of wonderful for that to be the focus. It is satisfying to see every character, small and big, get an emotional arc.

The Emotional Arcs Of— Basically Everyone

MOTU: Revelations Part Two He-Man. Image via Netflix.

When we last left our heroes in peril, Adam (Chris Wood) was, in a way, reincarnated back to the living. So, after the first episode of MOTU: Revelation part two, he had to face everyone who didn’t know his identity, such as his father. Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) also had to confront the origins of her own story, and her relationship to The Sorceress. Teela and Adam also have to deal with each other, trying to repair their close relationship after the latter’s death.

Those moments are sweet, and impactful. At some point I wondered why the writers spent so much time focusing on these aspects of the show. Teela’s journey may finally help her relate to Adam’s actions and understand why he needed to keep his secrets. And it’s a pretty bad-ass journey, really. This wouldn’t be a complete review of MOTU: Revelation part two if I didn’t touch upon Evil-Lynn (Lena Headey). Part 1 featured her becoming almost an anti-hero, bonding with Orko (Griffin Newman) and the others. But the ending saw her betray everyone and return to Skeletor the second he returned. MOTU: Revelation part two has her dealing with those actions as she adjusts to her own newfound place in this universe by the new Skele-God’s side.

It’s Not All Action and Emotions

MOTU: Revelations Part Two Skeletor. Image via Netflix.

While I’ve been focusing on the character stories and emotional depth of the story in this MOTU: Revelation part two review, there is ample action and excitement here too. The tension and talky parts are broken up with lots of action sequences and some pretty unexpected surprises as well. Like I mentioned in the part two trailer, there is an epic scope to this conclusion of Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, that I was not ready for.

The scope, vibes and overall big picture are so much more significant than anything the original series was aiming for. Smith and his writers’ room absolutely expanded on the original story in very new and innovative ways. If certain parts of the audience weren’t He-Man fans before this, they will be by the end.

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation part two premieres on Netflix on November 23.

Are you excited for the conclusion of his sequel to the original He-Man? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.

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