Moon Knight Disney+ Series Could Feature Marvel Horror Characters
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Moon Knight Disney+ Series Could Feature Marvel Horror Characters (and Harry Potter?)

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BY May 20, 2022

We’re still some time away from the first Marvel Studios television series created for Disney+. However, one lesser-known Marvel character’s series could bring two horror characters to life and might have a Harry Potter connection. The Moon Knight Disney+ series will apparently lean into the horror genre with two rumored villains. There are rumors on social media “leak” sites that the character Werewolf by Night will appear in the show. Also, there is speculation that Mahershala Ali’s Blade might see one of his villains debut in the series. While Dracula is a storied character from horror literature, the Moon Knight Disney+ series could debut the Marvel version of Dracula. We might even see Blade himself!

Still, as far as we know, this show is still in the early pre-production phase. They haven’t even cast Marc Spector, Moon Knight’s secret identity (kind of), yet. However, one big name being floated as a possible candidate for Marvel’s mystic Batman is Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. Like Robert Pattinson, who will be the next actual Batman, Radcliffe has experience with mega-franchises. He’s stuck to quirky, non-Harry Potter-like roles since the film series ended, so he may also be ready to dip his toe back into the blockbuster world. Here’s what the rumor mill is reporting.

How the Moon Knight Disney+ Series Could Embrace the Character’s Marvel Horror Origins

Moon Knight Disney+ Series Marvel Horror Werewolf by Night Image via screengrab

If Werewolf by Night shows up in the Moon Knight series, it will be fitting. Moon Knight made his debut in the comics in the mid-1970s in Werewolf by Night #32. Moon Knight was actually the antagonist, as he was hired to apprehend the character. Jack Russell is an antihero who inherited the werewolf curse. Essentially, he was Teen Wolf but a more serious and darker take on the character. Two people with a shaky reputation for leaks have said that Werewolf by Night will show up in Moon Knight’s story: DanielRPK and Jeremy Conrad. Their track records are spotty, and this might come from the same source. Still, it would make sense given the direction the MCU seems to be headed.

So, if Russell and Dracula both show up in the Moon Knight Disney+ series, it could be a further descent into horror for the MCU. Kevin Feige promises that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will feature horror sequences. This could mean characters like Mephisto (the devil), Dracula, and other horror-inspired creations will enter the MCU. Since the first three phases focused on threats from beyond the stars, the next larger arc in the MCU might be about paranormal/extra-dimensional threats. While this could just be a rumor or an educated guess, let’s hope it’s real because it promises an interesting new direction for the largest superhero franchise ever.

Should Daniel Radcliffe Play Marc Spector in the Moon Knight Disney+ Series?

Moon Knight Disney+ Series Marvel Horror Daniel Radcliffe TIFF Image via Toronto International Film Festival

The other big rumor, that Daniel Radcliffe could play the titular role, feels at odds with this news. Radcliffe is an accomplished actor and surely could do a fantastic job with the character. However, it will be a big departure from the soft-spoken or quirky roles he’s played since. Moon Knight has a kind of demented intensity associated with his character. Put another way, it seems like a different sort of role than Radcliffe is best suited for. However, this is just audience bias. When Michael Keaton debuted as Tim Burton’s Batman, his take on the character defined it for all successive portrayals. From the raspy voice to the subtle threatening menace, every Batman since is derived from this version and never strays too far from it.

So, Radcliffe could, like Keaton, show us something brand-new and totally unexpected about Moon Knight. If the Moon Knight Disney+ series does embrace its roots in Marvel horror, it will be a challenge. Still, we don’t know if we’re going to get a costumed Moon Knight or if, like the first and third seasons of Daredevil, it will be a simpler, more practical disguise. One thing we know for sure, is that Radcliffe can ground a fantastical franchise with a realistic portrayal. His take on Harry Potter captured the delight, fear, and determination of the Boy Who Lived in the books. He might be the Moon Knight we didn’t know we needed.

What do you think? Will the Moon Knight Disney+ series be tribute to Marvel Horror or do you think they will go a more traditional, crime-fighting route? How about Daniel Radcliffe? If not him, who should play the character? Let us know in the comments below!

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