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Mon Mothma Will Appear In Rogue One Spinoff Series About Cassian Andor

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BY April 28, 2020

Although production ground to a halt on the majority of television shows, it looks like Disney+ is still at work. Casting continues for the untitled Rogue One spinoff series about Cassian Andor. Diego Luna will reprise his role as Cassian Andor in the show. And now it looks like another actor from the movie will join as well. Actress Genevieve O’Reilly joins the Rogue One spinoff series, returning to her role as a young Mon Mothma.

A Brief History Of Mon Mothma

The character of Mon Mothma first made an appearance in Return of the Jedi, portrayed by actress Caroline Blakiston. She famously uttered the line ‘many Bothans died to bring us this information.’ She wears Roman-style robes that we now know might harken back to the time of the High Republic. Cool and composed, her character was a bit of a mystery until supplemental media gave her a larger role.

Mon Mothma in Return of the Jedi Image via Lucasfilm

Mon Mothma is a politician and the leader of the Rebel Alliance. She also appears in the animated series The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. She has also been an important figure in several of the Star Wars novels. According to canon, Mon Mothma was one of the youngest senators elected to the Galactic Senate. She joined forces with Bail Organa following Revenge of the Sith to found the Rebel Alliance. During the original trilogy, Mothma was the de facto President of the Republic, or what remained of it. In Star Wars Rebels, she is instrumental in convincing the discrete cells of Rebels to combine their forces into the Rebel Alliance from the films.

Mothma’s brief role in Rogue One saw her making the decision to send Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor to retrieve the Death Star plans. She is a woman that has made many hard choices over the course of her life and career. She knew that the mission could likely result in the death of all involved, but the danger was too great to ignore.

Mon Mothma Rogue One Spinoff Series Image via Lucasfilm

What Will Be Mon Mothma’s Role In The Rogue One Spinoff Series?

The upcoming Star Wars spinoff series on Disney+ will be a prequel to Rogue One. We know that it will dive into Cassian Andor’s life before the events of that film. According to sources, the series will take place five years before Rogue One. Since the original script of Rogue One underwent many rewrites before coming to life, it is difficult to say what we know of Andor’s life before that movie. We can assume that it will stick to the canon already established. Based on that, we know that Andor has been fighting for the Alliance since he as a child. It is possible that Mon Mothma will act as a mentor to Andor’s character in the Rogue One spinoff series. Perhaps even a stand-in parental figure. She will almost certainly be the one in charge of giving him assignments.

Cassian Andor Rogue One Spinoff Series Image via Lucasfilm

Joining Diego Luna and Genevieve O’Reilly is actor Alan Tudyk who will reprise his Rogue One droid K-2SO.  Stellan Skarsgård, Denise Gough, and Kyle Soller have also been cast in unknown roles for the series. Although the series is progressing slowly due to the global pandemic, it is nice to see that it is progressing at all. Keep an eye out for more news about this series, including whatever the title will be, in days to come.

For more information on Mon Mothma, keep an eye out for our upcoming profile of her as part of our Women of Star Wars character profiles. And for all the Star Wars news, be sure to follow Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today.


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