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Matthew Rhys Is Wyrd: Actor Starring in Comic Adaptation

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BY December 17, 2020

Not content with locking down one role as a private investigator, Perry Mason star Matthew Rhys is tackling another. According to an exclusive from Deadline, Matthew Rhys will star as Wyrd. The adaptation of the comic book is slated for the FX channel.

Who is Wyrd?

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The Wyrd series from Dark Horse Comics debuted last year in 2019. Pitor Wyrd, the protagonist, is your average everyday private investigator. Well, except for the fact that he never ages and he seems to be invincible. Before it launched, Dark Horse described it as “James Bond meets The X-Files,” which certainly seems apt, as the series blends sci-fi with a jet-setting hero. For instance, the series sees the strange investigator headed to Crimea to look into “a failed attempt at recreating a certain US supersoldier.” And there’s also the not small fact that Wyrd is actually an extraterrestrial. He was supposed to be investigating earth and its people, but then his folks never came back for him. Subsequently, he’s been pretending to be a regular degular human ever since.

Curt Pires and Antonio Fuso created the series, while Stefano Simeone was the colorist. There are four issues in total.

Matthew Rhys Starring As Wyrd for FX

As Deadline reported, Rhys will be returning to the network where he starred with partner Keri Russell on The Americans. Russell will be an executive producer on the project, along with Rhys. Sheldon Turner, who’s written movies like Up in the Air and the upcoming Love is a Gun, will be writing the series. In addition, he and business partner Jennifer Klein will also be executive producers under their company Vendetta Productions.

The Wyrd adaptation for FX is just part of Vendetta’s deal with 20th Television. They’ve also recently signed a deal with A&E Studios. Among projects announced there is another adaptation: an update of the 1983 Michael Douglas movie The Star Chamber. As with Wyrd, it’s unclear when either series will be available or even start production. However, we’ll keep you updated.

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