Matt Reeves' Arkham Series Is 2nd The Batman Spin Off On HBO Max
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Matt Reeves Confirms Second The Batman HBO Max Series Will Be About Arkham Asylum

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BY March 11, 2022

The Batman is the newest reboot of the franchise by director Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson. Early reviews already has the movie poised to be one of the most memorable comic book movies of the past few years. But there’s a lot more coming. Matt Reeves recently confirmed in a new interview that one of the spin-offs will be about Arkham Asylum on HBO Max. After the events of The Batman, this reveal is extremely exciting given the significance of that institution in that movie. Matt Reeves’ Arkham Asylum show might reveal even more backstory about the famed Gotham landmark. The institution has a long history in every iteration of the Batman franchise. So Matt Reeves’ Arkham series may introduce the hospital in a new light for this new franchise.

Please note: This article will contain a lot of spoilers for the upcoming The Batman movie, including plot points and the climax. So read on at your own discretion.

Arkham Asylum On HBO Max Is The Batman’s 2nd Spin-Off

Matt Reeves Arkham Series Penguin. Image via Warner Bros.

Matt Reeves’ Arkham Asylum show is not the only The Batman spin-off coming out. There’s already a Penguin sequel series in the works for HBO Max. The show will reportedly focus on the journey of Oswald Cobblepot (Colin Farrell) in Gotham after the events of The Batman. Last warning, spoilers ahead for The Batman. After Riddler (Paul Dano) uses Batman (Robert Pattinson) to expose the rampant corruption in Gotham City, the city changes, for the better. By the end, the two biggest crime bosses of Gotham, Salvatore Marcone and Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), are out of the way.

This leaves a sort of power vacuum that is hinted at by Selina Kyle (Zoey Kravitz) and it’s clear to see that the lower-tier Cobblepot will probably fill the void. The Penguin series may focus on his rise to power in a renewed Gotham. But what could Matt Reeves’ Arkham Asylum series be about? The director does confirm in an interview with the Toronto Sun, that the second HBO max series is about Arkham. 

The DC Universe’s Arkham Asylum Is A Go-To For Super-Villains

Matt Reeves Arkham Series Game. Image via Warner Bros.

Arkham Asylum historically has been an institution or hospital for the criminally insane in the DC universe. In the Batman franchise, it’s where most of the vigilante’s rogues gallery comes from. The institution has been the focus of many storylines and origins, even getting its own video game series starting with Batman: Arkham Asylum. Traditionally it’s also where the iconic Joker first met Harley Quinn, kick-starting their twisted romance and association with one another.

The name of the hospital in the comics came from Elizabeth Arkham, the mentally ill mother of its founder, Amadeus Arkham. Since then, a revolving door of relatives and wardens have all gone through their own traumatic experiences at Arkham. The institution itself evokes vibes of a cursed or doomed place where all evil in Gotham either ends up or originates from. However, Arkham Asylum on HBO Max might focus on a totally different iteration of the institution itself. Especially given how The Batman seemingly changed its origins in a very intriguing way.

Matt Reeves’ Arkham Asylum Show Could Tie Into Batman’s Origins

Matt Reeves Arkham Series Bruce. Image via Warner Bros.

In The Batman, it’s revealed that the maiden name of Bruce Wayne’s mother, Martha Wayne, was Arkham. The Waynes and Arkhams were the founding members of Gotham City. The movie also reveals a hidden past where Martha actually became mentally ill and went to Arkham Asylum. Which sounds similar to the Flashpoint timeline of DC Comics, where Martha Wayne goes mad after the death of a child Bruce Wayne, becoming that universe’s Joker. But I doubt that’s where they’re going with this show.

Connecting Batman’s mother’s past directly to Arkham could have a plethora of consequences. Will the maternal side of Bruce’s family have a history similar to the tragic past of the Arkhams in the comics? If so, then there may be more secrets about the Waynes revealed in this new Matt Reeves Arkham series.

The Batman also deals with a common theme of how his existence breeds his own supervillains. Supervillains arise in society to counterbalance the presence of a superhero. Almost a symbiotic relationship between him and his rogues. But if Batman literally has a blood relation with Arkham where most of his rogues come from, then there would be a lot more truth to that concept than was previously imagined.

The Arkham Series From Matt Reeves Could Go A Totally Different Direction

Matt Reeves Arkham Asylum show game. Image via Rocksteady Games.

On the other hand, this new Arkham Asylum on HBO Max could go a totally different way. The show could serve as a gold mine to introduce more characters to this new franchise. Setting a series in Arkham would allow Reeves and his creative team an almost unlimited catalogue of Batman characters. Everyone from other heroes, villains and supporting characters could make an appearance. The importance of Arkham to Batman means they could use an episodic series format, to bring other characters to the forefront. Thereby allowing them to then graduate them to any future The Batman sequels that are in the works.

The Batman will be in theatres on Mar 4, 2022. No word yet on the release of The Penguin or Arkham Asylum on HBO Max.

Are you excited for even more from this new Matt Reeves created Batman universe? What kind of Arkham series do you think we’ll be getting from him? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Warner Bros.

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