Trailer Reveals Marvel’s The Runaways Ending With Third Season
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Marvel’s The Runaways Ending With Third Season, Final Nail in the Marvel Television Coffin

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BY November 18, 2019

The fate most expected for Marvel Television’s last series came to pass. The new trailer for Marvel’s Runaways third season reveals the Hulu original is ending. Originally released in November of 2017, Marvel’s first series exclusively for Hulu meant to signal a new partnership. After the untimely end of the Marvel Universe on Netflix, Hulu appeared to be the next place for Jeph Loeb’s Marvel Television unit to shine. The series’ first season was a slow-burn, with the super-kids barely using their powers or special abilities. Like a more mature version of a CW teen drama, Marvel’s Runaways matured as a show into the second and third season. The characters grew more confident and developed their abilities, incorporating the comic book elements over time.

The trailer for the third season of Marvel’s Runaways also showcases the crossover between it and the recently canceled series Cloak and Dagger. Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph reprise their roles as Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson. It’s a fun nod to the series co-created by Brian K. Vaughn who has the heroes show up early in its run. There was a slim hope among fans of the formerly Freeform series that Hulu might rescue Tandy and Tyrone. Yet, this is not to be, since Marvel’s Runaways is also ending after the third season. It marks the end of the last series developed and produced by Marvel Television. (Though Agents of SHIELD’s final season will air next year, it’s already completed filming.) Let’s look at why this happened and what awaits the teen heroes in their last outing.

Why is Marvel’s Runaways Ending with the Third Season?

Marvel's Runaways Third Season Ending Trailer Old Lace Image via Hulu

As we explained last month, reports suggest that Jeph Loeb is through at Marvel Television. Many see this as a response to Kevin Feige’s takeover of all things Marvel. Yet, reports suggest he planned to leave before that announcement came. Either way, it means that his unit, Marvel Television, will only have animated projects left on their slate, save for one. The series Helstrom in reportedly still in development at Hulu. However, it was part of a suite of shows including the now-canceled Ghost Rider series. This means that the chances of Helstrom getting a full season order or, at best, anything beyond that are slim. Henceforth, all Marvel television properties will come from Marvel Studios itself. (All except the Spider-Verse television shows reportedly in the works from Sony Pictures and Chris Miller and Phil Lord.) Thus, according to Deadline, the final season of Marvel’s Runaways will be its third.

However, it seems that the show’s storytellers know that every season of a television show could be its last. While both the first and second seasons ended on pretty huge cliffhangers, the third season of Marvel’s Runaways brings the series to a natural ending. Still, Marvel Television and Hulu may still have a relationship. A series of adult-themed animated series culminating in a team-up crossover called The Offenders is reportedly still in development. Though, with all of the changes at Marvel Television, even that is still up-in-the-air.

What Does the Marvel’s Runaways Trailer Reveal About the Third Season?

Without getting into too many spoilers, let’s talk about what the Marvel’s Runaways third season trailer reveals about what’s coming up. The second season wrapped up with half of the team captured and a low-key alien invasion underway. (These beings can possess human bodies.) The third season trailer shows us that the team reunites and faces a new threat along with the aliens. Elizabeth Hurley joined the cast as Morgan Le Fay (yes, the one that had an affair with King Arthur). She comes from the “Dark Dimension” a Marvel comics concept that showed in Agents of SHIELD, as well as in Helstrom and the Ghost Rider show. It appears that Cloak is connected to it as well, because that’s why he and Dagger show up in the Runaways’ underground mansion. (Comic book stories!)

If the storytellers knew this was going to be it for the show, they might pick up the pace in the third season of Marvel’s Runaways. While the first two seasons took their time with character-revealing digressions, the third season won’t have that luxury. This means that the final episodes will feature a fast-pace and a lot of action. Even though Marvel’s Runaways is ending with its third season, it’s a worthy show to watch. Though, remember that its target audience is teenagers and very young adults. There is a lot of coming-of-age drama, and not always the kind that having super-powers are usually a metaphor for. Nonetheless, it’s a fun show and the storytellers, cast, and crew should be proud of what they accomplished.

How do you feel about the trailer for Marvel’s Runaways third season, and does its ending surprise you? Share your thoughts, reactions, and theories in the comments below.

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