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Marvel’s Runaways to Crossover With Cloak and Dagger In Next Season

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BY February 11, 2021

A new promo for Marvel’s Runaways hit the internet Monday, teasing the promised crossover with Cloak and Dagger. In an interview with Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb, the veteran storyteller revealed that their two teen-focused shows provided a natural avenue for a crossover. This also might be the last chance for Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt’s version of those characters to resonate with audiences. After an improved second season on Freeform, we still don’t know if Cloak and Dagger is canceled or renewed. At least, not yet. Their appearance during Runaways third season might be a test to see if the show has an audience on Hulu. The Cloak and Dagger crossover with Marvel’s Runaways isn’t just a callback to the comic book version of their meeting, but it could be a play by Loeb and company to move the series to the streaming wars original contender.

The Teaser Announcing Marvel’s Runaways Will Crossover with Cloak and Dagger

In the latest promo for the series, we see the series leads all sitting on the steps of the underground mansion the Runaways call home. They talk about how “long” it’s been since we’ve heard anything about their upcoming season. Though the last bit of news came from the Marvel’s Runaways teaser that dropped in July.  Now we know two more important bits of information. First, Elizabeth Hurley will join the cast as Morgan LeFay. (Yes, that one.) She rules a “dark realm” that Lyrica Okano’s Nico Maru discovers. She’ll likely serve as the “big bad” for the season, though there are still bad aliens out in the world.

The second bit of news comes in the form of a premiere date for the third season. If they follow the same schedule as the last two seasons, all episodes will debut on December 13, 2019. Along with all episodes of Marvel’s Runaways, Hulu also hosts both seasons of Cloak and Dagger, in case you wish to catch up before the crossover. Both series are heavier on the emotional character drama in their first seasons. The second season of both, however, ups the ante when it comes to seeing the kids use their powers. Marvel Television definitely targets teenagers primarily for these series. However, they possess an appeal for adult audiences into emotional stories about friendship, super-powered kids, or both.

All episodes of Marvel’s Runaways, including the crossover with Cloak and Dagger, drop December 13, on Hulu.

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