Marvel’s Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Series Set For Disney Debut
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Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Series Set For Disney Channel Debut

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BY May 20, 2022

As much as fans love the silver-age Marvel superheroes, the House of Ideas didn’t stop creating characters in the 1960s. One new character getting the tv show treatment is Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, a series set to appear on the Disney Channel. While Moon Girl is only a few years old, Devil Dinosaur is a Jack Kirby creation from nearly 40 years ago.

The character lingered around the Marvel Universe, showing up for a laugh or bit part here and there. Yet, in 2016, a trio of Marvel storytellers developed a new character to help bring Devil Dinosaur into the modern age. Now, this new series will come to life, so to speak, in an animated series for younger viewers on Disney channel. While Marvel is no stranger to animation, the recently-announced cartoon series for Hulu described by Jeph Loeb are for adults. This is one is just for the kids.

Who Are Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur?

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Series Image via Marvel

Devil Dinosaur first appeared in 1978 in his own comic written and illustrated by the legendary Jack Kirby. Set on a parallel Earth where dinosaurs coexist with early humans, Devil Dinosaur teamed up with the simian Moon Boy. When that series ended, outside of an oblique reference here and there, Devil Dinosaur fell by the wayside. In 2016, however, Marvel wanted to bring the character back. Instead of Moon Boy, however, Devil Dinosaur teamed up with Moon Girl, a much different kind of hero.

Lunella Lafayette is a nine-year-old girl, who is both an Inhuman and the smartest character in the Marvel Universe. Her creators describe her as “Inspector Gadget, but a little less campy.” While tinkering around with one of her uber-powerful inventions, she opens a doorway to a parallel Earth. The Killer-Folk, the villains in the Devil Dinosaur series, burst through. The lovable red T-Rex follows, eager to avenge the death of his longtime companion Moon Boy. The two team up and form an inseparable bond.

What’s Changing for the Show?

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Series Image via Marvel

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series may be a more straightforward adaptation of the comics than fans are used to. It’s a lesser-known title, and it’s not coming from Marvel Television. Disney Television Animation teamed with Cinema Gypsy Productions, Laurence Fishburne and Helen Sugland’s production company. Steve Loter signed on to produce, a veteran from Marvel Animation and Disney’s Kim Possible. Fishburne released a statement to the Hollywood Reporter about the series.

He said:

“As an avid comic book fan, I am thrilled to be involved with Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series. Disney Channel is the perfect platform to explore this pint-sized female African-American superhero and I can’t wait for their audience to enjoy the lighthearted adventures of Lunella and Devil Dinosaur.”

There’s no release date yet for the new animated series, but episodes will start airing in 2020.

Featured image via Disney

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