Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Ending With Next Season

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BY August 16, 2019

When the season five finale of the flagship series debuted with the title “The End,” most fans came to grips with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD ending. Yet, ABC delighted those same fans with the announcement of a 13-episode season six, followed by a season seven renewal before the next episode aired. However, the pop-culture powerhouse announced Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD ending will come in season seven but on their own terms. In an interview, head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb revealed the storytellers thought the same thing as the fans.

He said, via Deadline:

“Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen and Jeff Bell, who have been there from the very beginning, went away and came back and said, we have a cool idea. That cool idea became Season 6. The show started to come in, then about halfway through that season we get another call from ABC’s Channing Dungey, who is a big fan of the show, super supportive, and she says, how about a Season 7?”

This news comes in advance of the show’s Comic-Con panel Thursday, their first appearance in the storied Hall H. At SDCC’s sister event, Wondercon, the storytellers suggested that the show might live on past the seventh season. However, he told Deadline that Whedon, Tancharoen, and Bell said they wanted to end the series on their terms. While fans might want the show to continue indefinitely, the storytellers want to avoid leaving the story unfinished. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD ending marks yet another close to a chapter of the early MCU.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Ending Might Not Be the End?

After news broke that Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD will be ending, fans spoke out to try to “save” the show. Thanks to the fierce battle for content spurred by the streaming wars, this is not rare. However, with Disney+ on the horizon, it’geund to someone else. Still, even Loeb acknowledges that nothing is ever really final in the world of comics. “I personally believe that every great Marvel story ends to be continued, but the short answer is, yes, it will conclude in a way that is incredibly emotional and in the best ,” he said. So, this means that the characters’ stories will come to a definitive end, but maybe not one that precludes a return.

Already characters who first appeared on the show are getting their own series, specifically Gabriel Luna’s take on Ghost Rider. So, it’s possible that characters who survive Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD ending—our hopes are high for Ming-Na Wen’s Agent May and Chloe Bennett’s Quake—could get spin-offs. If the Disney or Marvel executives smell money in the water, there could be a miniseries or even feature-length special revisiting the characters after some time. The best part about comics is that no story ever really ends, and good characters live on forever.

Update: Panel Highlights

The Comic-Con panel celebrated the entire show in light of Agents of SHIELD ending. The cast and crew worked on filming the series finale right before they left for SDCC. The cast in attendance told stories about shooting the show through the years, such as how Henry Simmons thought he was about to be killed off when the showrunners wanted to promote him. They also clarified, despite vague references to Infinity War in the season five finale, that these stories all take place before the events of the last two Avengers films. Finally, the premiered a short trailer highlighting the final few episodes of season six.

Tell us what you think about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD ending? Is it time or do you want it to continue? Let us know in the comments below or by sharing on social media.

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