Marvel Studios' What If…? Trailer Is Chadwick Boseman’s Last MCU Role
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Marvel Studios What If…? Trailer Is A Baggage-Free Marvel Show, And Chadwick Boseman’s Last MCU Performance 

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BY December 15, 2020

There are a lot more Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars shows coming our way in the next few years. After the Disney Investor’s Day announcement, we’re still unpacking all the news. One of the most interesting pieces of information that came out of that event is one of Marvel’s brand new shows. Marvel Studios’ What If trailer highlighted the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first-ever animated series. And it might be a refreshing change of pace from the usual Marvel movie. 

Marvel Studios’ What If Trailer Is Like Marvel’s Elseworlds

Marvel Studios What If trailer The Watcher. Image via Disney+

What If…? was an anthology series of comic books published from 1977 to 1984. The series was all about how some stories would play out in the Marvel universe if certain key elements changed. Essentially stories that are set in alternate timelines. They were almost always one-shot stories about alternate takes on existing origins, characters, and other Marvel stories. It was basically the Marvel Comics version of the same concept of Elseworlds stories that DC Comics does. 

The most famous What If…? stories are all about different origin stories of the same characters, like “What If Uncle Ben Had Lived?” It was a series that proved a different take on comic book tales that didn’t involve a deep understanding of series continuity. The events were always one-off stories, so fans didn’t have to follow the other storylines to keep up. But they still featured big-time comic characters to lure in the casual reader. And maybe that’s kind of the attempt with the new Marvel Studios’ What If trailer.

Animation Of New Disney Plus Series Looks Awesome!

The brand new What If…? trailer looks incredible. The style of animation looks unique. It’s not entirely 2D animation, but also not as rigid as the 3D animation style that often gets criticized. There also seems to be a layering effect to have both styles complimenting each other, especially the backdrops in relation to the characters. It all makes the show look very special and totally unlike others that we’ve seen so far. The new What If…? series will be an episodic animated show with each episode focusing on one alternate Marvel Comics story. The show will be one of the premier series launching on Disney Plus.

New Captain America And Star Lord In Marvel Studios’ What If…? Trailer

Marvel Studios What If trailer T'Challa. Image via Disney+

The biggest takeaway from the new Marvel Studios’ What If…? trailer is the highlight of two specific episodes featuring Captain America and Black Panther, but not really. The trailer heavily featured looks into one episode where it’s Peggy Carter who is infused with the super-soldier serum, not Steve Rogers. The story follows the same one as that of Captain America’s origin, but with Carter instead making her, possibly, Captain Britain?

The second one is even more special, as it Black Panther himself, T’Challa, but this time, as Star Lord from Guardians Of The Galaxy. Instead of Peter Quill being the one abducted by Yondu on Earth, it’s a young T’Challa, who then grows up to be the new Star Lord. It’s a fascinating flip on that story. But given the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman, his appearance, in animated form in this show, is all the more special. Boseman did the voice acting for the character before his passing, making this his final Marvel Studios performance as T’Challa. 

Other Adventures In The Multiverse With Full MCU Cast

Carter Image via Disney+

The other scenes from the Marvel Studios’ What If…? Trailer has Dr. Strange fighting, a version of himself. Along with Bucky Barnes’ Winter Solider taking on the Zombie-verse of the MCU. And so much more. The series really looks to be a fun and exciting one set in the MCU. And the best part is that it’s totally free of continuity, creating less pressure for fans to have to watch everything else for this to make sense. It’s also cool that every MCU actor is reprising their roles in voice form, along with Jeffrey Wright appearing as The Watcher, to navigate us through it all. 

Season 1 of What If…? Series premieres on Disney+ sometime in 2021, with season 2 already in production. 

Are you excited for a romp through the multiverse in What If…? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Disney Plus. 

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